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The Health Department in Lee County has prepared this packet of materials to help guide you through the permitting process for your new septic system.  By following this information we can expedite the application process.


1)   APPLICATION FOR CONSTRUCTION PERMIT:  To apply for a septic permit, this application (click on the link) must be completed.  The instruction sheet accompanying this application explains what information is required.  If the property owner is using someone other than himself/herself to apply for the permit, a letter of authorization assigning authority for that person to act on the owner’s behalf is necessary.  Be sure all submitted forms have been signed and dated.  FEES:  The residential application fee is $390.00 made payable to the Health Department in Lee County.  If the required excavation on the site evaluation form is in excess of 48", an additional $75.00 excavation inspection fee must be submitted before the permit is issued. If it is determined by this department that a site evaluation is needed, the applicant will be billed an additional $115.00.  If this happens, the department will notify you.  The business or commercial application fee is $505.00.  There are additional fees for all activities on Upper Captiva Island (boat only accessible). All fees are made payable to the Health Department in Lee County.


2)   SITE PLAN:  The site plan will need to include the information requested at the bottom of the application instruction sheet under ATTACHMENTS. Please note the absence of the required festures on all adjoining lots if this is the case.  We cannot assume that the features are not there, and this will delay your permit. You will also need a copy of the legal description or survey for confirmation of property dimensions.  For commercial establishments we would prefer blueprint size (2’x 3’).


3)   FLOOR PLAN:  For residences, a floor plan showing the number of bedrooms, all other rooms labeled and the square footage of the living area.  If the residence has multiple units then the number of units and total square footage of living area must be shown.  For non-residential establishments, we need a floor plan showing the total square footage, a plumbing isometric, and any other information that we need to determine composition and quantity of wastewater.


4)       ENGINEERS DESIGN:  As part of the application process for a new septic system permit in unincorporated Lee County, you are required to have an engineer, who is registered in the State of Florida submit signed and sealed detailed system construction plans for the septic system.  Upon request, we can provide you a list of engineers that have experience providing this service in Lee County. [Engineering Firm List]


5)       SURVEY:  A copy of the survey must be included as part of the application package.


If you have any questions regarding the application procedure or completing the application, please contact us at 239-690-2100.


Once the Health Department in Lee County has received the completed application package and fee the agency will process your permit and, barring any problems, issue your permit.  You will be notified by telephone when your permit has been issued.


Remember, the Health Department in Lee County is here to help you through this application process and to make it as easy as possible.  Please contact the Health Department in Lee County if you have any questions.


Fort Myers Office

2295 Victoria Avenue, #206

Fort Myers, FL 33901


TTY users can contact us through Florida Relay by dialing 7-1-1 or one of the other Relay Toll Free Numbers.


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