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I know I’m pregnant, where do I start?
  1. See your doctor or midwife as soon as you know you’re pregnant.
    As you may know early prenatal care is best. Make your first prenatal appointment with your doctor or midwife. If you do not have a medical provider, here is a list of some in Lee county.
         o Lee County OB/GYN Providers List
         o Family Health Centers
  2. Complete a Healthy Start risk screening form at your first doctor or midwife visit.
    If You Do Not Have a prenatal appointment yet, make one and then call Healthy Start at 239-332-9573.
  3. Mother on telephoneKeep all of your doctor appointments.
  4. Eat foods that are healthy for you and your baby.
    March Of Dimes
    Lee County WIC
  5. Avoid alcohol, drugs and tobacco
    Healthy Promotions - Tobacco
    Southwest Florida Addiction Services
  6. Watch for signs and symptoms of going into labor too early.
  7. Find a doctor for your baby before delivery.
    Lee County Pediatrics
  8. Apply for WIC
  9. Apply for KidCare insurance
  10. Install a car seat before delivery.

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