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The Florida Department of Health in Okaloosa County provides a range of personal health services.  A variety of insurances (including Medicaid & Medicare) are accepted.  Uninsured clients will be served on a sliding fee scale based on income.  No one will be denied services based on an inability to pay.

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Immunizations - Multi-color and childhood patterns

(850) 833-9240

Hours of Operation   

Immunizations are provided free for children, ages birth to 18 years, through the Vaccines for Children Program (VFC). Before a child may enter daycare or attend a school, proof of vaccines must be provided. Immunizations can protect your child, your family, your friends & their families, and the community. 

English - Vaccinations for Birth to Six Years        Spanish - Vaccinations for Birth to Six Years
English - Vaccinations for 7 through 18 Years      Spanish - Vaccinations for 7 through 18 Years

VACCINES FOR CHILDREN AVAILABLE at the Okaloosa County Health Department

Chickenpox  (Video) Hep B  (Video) Hep A Prevnar
Td Influenza *Tdap (also available for adults) Menactra
Gardasil (HPV)   Rotavirus  (Video)  

-The Tdap vaccine is also available for ADULTS at the Okaloosa County Health Department for $55.53.  (Watch a video on Tdap.)


•  For everyone:  Easy-to-Read Immunization Schedules
  •  Other vaccine and immunization information - CDC.gov

  •  Vaccinations for travelers
  •  Vaccine Information Statements
  •  VIDEO:  People around infants should get the Tdap vaccine right away
  What if you don't immunize your child? - Immunize.org


Yellow diamond caution sign graphic that reads in black lettering FLU SEASON THE FLU ENDS WITH "U."

The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year.

•  Find a Flu Shot Near You

•  2012-2013 Flu Season:  What You Should Know
•  Key Facts About the Seasonal Flu Vaccine
•  Take 3 Actions to Fight the Flu
•  Questions & Answers (Q&A) about Seasonal Flu for Pregnant Women
•  Protect the Newborns You Love:  Advice for caregivers of kids less than 6 months old
•  Take the Flu Vaccination Pledge
•  Florida Department of Health Influenza Prevention


Breast & Cervical Cancer Screenings - Image of pink lilies
(850) 833-9240

Breast & cervical cancer screening exams, including mammograms and pap smears, are provided to uninsured and underinsured women ages 50 to 64 who meet income guidelines and are residents of Okaloosa County. Diagnostic tests are provided as necessary.


Family Planning - Image of young couple
(850) 833-9240

Family planning clinic provides education, counseling, medical services, referrals, and follow-up visits that will help people plan their family size. We offer a variety of current methods of birth control. All current methods of birth control are available to any person of childbearing age, including teens. There is no charge for the chosen method of birth control, only the office visit. Birth control methods include natural family planning, male and female condoms, diaphragm, vaginal rings and film, birth control pills, intra-uterine devices (IUD) and Depo Provera injection. Emergency contraception is also available. Coordination of tubal ligations and vasectomies are also provided. Confidential pregnancy testing is available at both clinic locations.

Every Woman Florida

What is the Every Woman Florida Initiative?

Every Woman Florida is a collaborative project between the March of Dimes and the Florida Department of Health aimed at raising awareness on the importance and benefits of being healthy prior to pregnancy. 

The Every Woman Florida website serves as an information portal for healthcare providers on preconception health.  The site contains health tips, assessment tools and printable patient education handouts.  Visit www.everywomanflorida.com for more information.


Ryan White - Graphic of 3 red ribbons
(850) 833-9240 ext 2153 or ext 2240

Florida HIV/AIDS Hotline
1-800-FLA-AIDS (352-2437) English
1-800-545-SIDA (545-7432) Spanish
1-800-AIDS-101 (243-7101) Haitian Creole
1-888-503-7118  TDD/TTY (Hearing/Speech Impaired)

What is the Ryan White Program?  Ryan White Brochure (PDF)
    - The Ryan White (or Part C) Program provides medical care to those living with HIV in our area. 
    - Services are always confidential. 
    - Potential clients must have a positive HIV test to qualify. 

Who's Eligible for the Ryan White Program?
Anyone who is HIV positive may apply for services.  It's not necessary to have a physician referral.


Testing for HIV is free, fast & easy.
Want to know where you can get tested?


So, You
've Tested Positive...
A positive HIV test is scary, but it's also an important medical message that can prolong your life.  With proper medical care and healthy lifestyle choices, HIV can be managed and you can go on to lead a healthy, happy, productive life. 

We Do More Than Just Treat Patients.
Our clinic provides appointments with the doctor, referrals to mental health & substance abuse counselors, nutritional assessment, & dental care.

Support services such as housing & insurance assistance, case management, and access to food banks are provided through OASIS (Okaloosa AIDS Support & Information Services).

The Ryan White Clinic is held three times per week in Fort Walton Beach, & the third Wednesday per month in Crestview.  Additionally, one Friday per quarter, clinic is held at the Walton County Health Department (Coastal Branch - Santa Rosa Beach, FL)

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)
For more information regarding the AIDS Drug Assistance Program please click on the following link http://www.floridahealth.gov/diseases-and-conditions/aids/adap/ or call 833-9074.

For An Appointment
Please call (850) 833-9056 or (850) 833-9055. 
Clinic Time/Location: Tuesday 1-6, Wednesday 7:30-4:30 and Friday 7:30-3 in Fort Walton Beach and the 3rd Wednesday only in Crestview and one Friday per quarter at the Walton County Health Department (Coastal Branch - Santa Rosa Beach, FL).

*Visits are by appointment only.
 **If you have an urgent problem, some appointments are available on additional weekdays.  Please call the appointment line, (850) 833-9055, for more information.

For Healthcare Providers
To refer a patient with HIV to our clinic, call (850) 833-9055.  Additionally, you can visit our Healthcare Providers page for more information

Useful Resources
•  Awareness Days for HIV/AIDS
    •  NoFLAC  - NW FL Aids/HIV Consortium
    •  OASIS - 1825 Hurlburt Road, STE 14, FWB  - (850) 314-0950
    •  The GREATER THAN AIDS Movement
    •  www.AIDS.gov
   •  Staying Healthy with HIV/AIDS




Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing & Treatment - Image of a a couple against a bright sunset
(850) 833-9240

Evaluation for possible sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis, trichomonas, herpes, venereal warts, and HIV is available in both clinic locations by appointment.  Blood testing for herpes is generally not available.  Venereal wart treatment may be available if scheduled after an assessment visit.  One initial comprehensive fee covers the cost of initial evaluation and lab tests.  Reduced fees are available for those below federal poverty guidelines with income verification. 

Please call for same day appointment scheduling.


EveryBODY is human. EveryBody deserves RESPECT.

I am Transgender and I respect myself by…

  • Getting tested for HIV regularly (at least twice yearly)

  • Using protection (condoms, dental dams, female condoms)

  • Not sharing needles (for hormones, silicone or drugs)

  • Getting treatment for HIV/STDs (and staying adherent)

Florida’s transgender communities’ face many risks, including having a greater risk of contracting HIV than the general population.

For more information, please visit www.wemakethechange.com, www.T-Houseonline.com.

Local Testing Sites




Sick Child Care - image of a child's eyes
(850) 833-9240

Care for children with no other source of medical care is provided in the Ft Walton Beach Clinic location.  Whenever possible, clinic staff assists children and their caregivers with enrollment in Florida Medicaid, KidCare, or with linkage to other opportunities for medical care with medical providers in the community.  Comprehensive ongoing pediatric primary care is available for children who qualify to enroll in the Opportunity Health Program.



School & Sports Physicals - graphic of a provider looking in a child's ears
(850) 833-9240

Limited dates for school and sports physicals are schedule each year at convenient times coinciding with the beginning of the school year.  Physicals are provided for an affordable cash fee (no insurance billing and no reduced rates) during these events.  Watch the website and local media for times physicals are offered during the summer and fall.  At other times, school and sport physicals are provided only to children enrolled in the Opportunity Health Program.  Persons needing school and sport physicals are referred to the many readily accessible providers in our community offering these services.  Persons needing verification of a child’s immunization or shot record (often called the "blue card") may come by the Immunizations Clinic for assistance.



Pregnancy Testing - graphic of a pregnancy test
(850) 833-9240

Appointments to assess for possible pregnancy are available for women who are at least 2 weeks past their expected date of menses.  If pregnancy is confirmed, presumptive eligibility for pregnancy Medicaid processing is accomplished during the appointment, you will be counseled about healthy choices for you and your baby, and you will be referred to a local obstetric provider for your pregnancy care.



Opportunity Health - image of a provider taking notes in patient chart
(850) 833-9240

Adults may enroll in the Opportunity Health Program in the Fort Walton Beach Clinic to receive comprehensive primary care if they are residents of Okaloosa County and meet income and eligibility guidelines.  Family physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses work together in a team to address illness and well care for enrolled patients.  Support for labs and medications are provided.  Fees are affordable and may be reduced based on patient income.



One Problem Clinic - graphic of four bandaids
(850) 833-9240

Hours of Operation

The One Problem Clinic (available at the Florida Department of Health in Okaloosa County -- Fort Walton Beach) is designed to give affordable access to medical care. Same day appointments are available for patients with minor injuries and illnesses who need to see a doctor, but who don’t really need an ER. All visits are $85 or less*!

*Patients providing qualifying income info may be eligible for reduced rates.




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