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Suggested Items for Persons in a Special Needs Shelter

What Clients Should Bring:

q     A list of your current medications and at least a 3 day supply of the medications

q     Documentation of specific medical information

q     Medical equipment

q     Oxygen suppliesMedications

q     Nebulizers

q     Canes/Wheelchairs

q     Diabetes equipment

q     Glucose meter/strips

q     Insulin/syringes

q     Other insulin supplies

q     Non-perishable dietary items

q     Special dietary foods if required

q     Electronic equipment

q     Personal Care

q     Clothing/Undergarments

q     Socks/Shoes (durable)

q     Personal hygiene items

q     Soap/shampoo/Deodorant

q     Toothpaste/toothbrush

q     Brush/comb

q     Wash cloth/Towel

q     Sleeping Bag

q     Non-perishable food/snacks

q     Pillow

q     Blanket

q     Important papers

q     I.D. with current address

q     Entertainment items

q     BooksBooks

q     Magazines

q     Toys

q     Cards

q     Games

q     Infant care items

q     Formula

q     Food

q     Diapers

q     Personal equipment

q     Eyeglasses

q     Hearing aids

q     DenturesDentures


ü       If you have a mental illness, you must have an able-bodied caregiver with you or else you cannot stay at the shelter. 

ü       You must have your medication with you in the shelter. You cannot be admitted without your life sustaining medications.

ü       If you are reliant on any medical equipment and do not come with them, you will not be admitted. We do not provide wheelchairs, walkers, and etc.

Kitten and fishGunFruits and Vegetablesglass of beer**DO NOT BRING**

Pets, Firearms,
Alcoholic Beverages or

Perishable Food Items




  This page was updated on 2-Jul-09

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