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Breastfeeding is Best
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Interactive Breastfeeding Classes
 •  Every Tuesday at 4:10 pm at the Fort Walton Beach WIC Office
 •  Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 at the Ft Walton Beach WIC Office
 •  Every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month at 1pm at the Crestview WIC Office

*Breastfeeding classes are by appointment only for WIC clients; however, individuals not enrolled in WIC are welcome to sit in on classes.  Call 850-833-9254 for more info.

Breastfeeding is best - Image of an infant's face

Why Breastfeed?
 •  Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed human babies. Infant formulas (artificial baby milks) are usually made from cow's milk!
 •  Breastfed babies are one-third less likely to die of crib death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS)
 •  Breastfed babies have fewer illnesses and milder effects when illness does occur.
 •  Breastfed babies are less likely to grow into overweight children.
 •  Breastfeeding encourages the best brain growth and development in babies. Breastfed babies are more likely to have higher IQs.
 •  Premature babies do better with breast milk compared to formula milk.
 •  Breastfeeding can save you between $1,160 to $3,915 per year, depending on the brand of formula

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Helpful Breastfeeding Sites - Image of tree branches and hearts

•  Florida Breastfeeding Coalition
•  La Leche League International
•  Kellymom Breastfeeding & Parenting
•  US Dept of Health & Human Services - Women's Health
•  Health & Nutrition for Breastfeeding Women - ChooseMyPlate.gov

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