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What is WIC - Image of fruits and vegetables

WIC is a federally funded nutrition program for women, infants, and children.  WIC provides the following at no cost:  healthy foods, nutrition education & counseling, breastfeeding support, and referrals for health care.

To apply for WIC, you must contact our office.  Our staff will provide you with a date and time for a WIC certification visit.  At this visit, the household income and the medical/nutrition status of each applicant will be reviewed.  On that day, you find out if you and your children are eligible for WIC.

USDA Non-Discrimination Statement
In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

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WIC Eligibility - Image of fruits and vegetables

To be eligible, you must be a pregnant woman, a breastfeeding woman, a woman who just had a baby, or you must have an infant or child under 5 years old.  There is a family income limit, but working families may qualify. Total household income (before taxes and deductions) must be equal to or below the amounts shown below.

WIC Income Eligibility Criteria
185% Federal Poverty Level
April 30, 2012

Note: If you are pregnant, each unborn child adds one to the number of people in your family.

Gross Income

 Family Members



Twice Monthly



















































Additional Person






Call us at either location to make an eligibility appointment.
Ft Walton Beach:  850-833-9254   |   Crestview:  850-689-7858

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What do I need to bring - Image of calculator, pen, and binder

  •  Identification for everyone who has an appointment
  •  Proof of where you live (or where you have Medicaid)
  •  Proof of all household income (or Medicaid)
  •  Child(ren)'s shot record
  •  Everyone who has an appointment for WIC eligibility

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Using WIC - Image of a brown bag full of health foods

Image of sample WIC Identification Card
Don't leave home without your WIC card...

At the Store
The cashier will use the front of the card for a signature check.  Be sure to have your co-caretaker and proxy sign the front also.

We use the numbers on the inside of your card when you call or come in.  We can answer your questions quicker if you have it with you!  If you don’t have the card or if you are not the authorized representative on the card, you must have identification.  Please bring your child's shot record to WIC also!

For You
The calendar on the card tells you when to come back to WIC.  If the month square has a number in it that is the day you come to get checks.  If there is a number and a time and it is highlighted, you have a nutrition appointment, so plan more time to be with us. 

How to use WIC checks...
 •  WIC Checks are like cash – they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
 •  You can buy only the foods and amounts listed on the front of your WIC check.
 •  The back of the check tells you specifically which food products you can get.
 •  The WIC ID card must be presented along with the WIC checks.  Only those people previously appointed and with a signature on the front of the card may redeem them.
 •  WIC checks may only be used from the “first day to use” through the “last day to use” printed on the checks.
 •  Separate the foods on each WIC check from the other foods you are buying.  The cashier must ring up the food for each check separately.
 •  You are not required to get all the food on a check, but you will not be able to get them after that check is used.
 •  You must sign in the Authorized Signature space AFTER the Pay Exactly box is filled in by the cashier.

If your child's doctor changes his/her formula...
We will need a "WIC Formula Request" form to be completed by your child’s doctor -- if the formula is something other than the Nestle Goodstart family of formula.  You will get this form from your doctor or from www.floridawic.org.
 •  This entire form needs to be completed, including a valid medical diagnosis and also the number of months the formula is requested for (the maximum is 6 months)
 •  If the request form is approved, checks and/or unopened cans of formula that you have will need to be returned to WIC in exchange for the requested formula

NOTE:  If your infant is in need of a special formula, he/she may need to be more closely monitored by WIC and may need more frequent appointments.

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Where can I use my WIC checks - Image of a produce aisle with apples

To see a map of the area (with addresses & contact information) with all the stores listed below, view this GOOGLE map.


 •  Food World
 •  Publix
 •  Wal-Mart Supercenter
 •  Winn-Dixie

 •  Eglin Commissary
 •  Hurlburt Commissary
 •  Six Brothers Thrifty Foods (Crestview)
 •  Pic-N-Save (Baker & Crestview)
 •  Food Depot (Niceville)

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Moving with WIC - Image of various license plates

What to bring to transfer within Florida

 •  Identification for everyone that gets WIC and is transferring
 •  Your WIC Identification/Appointment card, if you have it
 •  Shot records for your children, if you have them
You must be currently certified and due for checks (Florida WIC checks may be used at authorized stores anywhere in the state)

What to bring to transfer from another state...
 •  Identification for everyone that gets WIC and is transferring
 •  Proof of where you live now
 •  Shot records (if you have them) for children
 •  Any WIC checks you have from the other state; you cannot get checks from more than one state for the same time period
 •  Your WIC Identification/Transfer card, from your last WIC Program.  Once we get the documentation of your certification, we can complete your transfer and issue your checks.

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WIC Programs - Image of a brown bag filled with produce

Focus on Fruits & Veggies
 •  Refocus:  Fruits & Vegetables

 •  Cool Beans
 •  Amber Waves of Whole Grains
 •  Water Works!
 •  Why Milk?
 •  The Flavors of Fall
 •  Saving Money at the Store

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For WIC vendors -- image of 5 grocery carts

 • FDOH WIC Vendor Page
 • Vendor Newsletters
Beans & Peas Brochure

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