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  Florida Department of Health in Okeechobee County

Vital Statistics Office

1728 NW 9th Ave.
Okeechobee, FL 34972
(863) 462-5804

Monday — Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Birth Certificates

Birth certificates are confidential documents, except for births over 100 years old that are not under seal of a court order.

A birth certificate is an important legal document that is used for proof of age, social security registration, school registration, obtaining a driver's license and many other uses.

Certifications of birth records are issued only to:

  • The person named on the record, age 18 or older
  • A parent listed on the record
  • Legal guardian of the person named (documentation required)
  • Legal representative of above named person (documentation required)

Computer certifications of persons born in the state of Florida from 1917 to present are available for purchase for $12.00. VALID PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED.

Death Certificates

Death certificates without the cause of death are public record. Death certificates with the cause of death are issued only to immediate family members age 18 or older, persons named in the will or beneficiaries of life insurance policies (documentation required).

Currently our office can provide death certificates for deaths that occurred in Okeechobee county from 2009 to present. Electronic death certificates from other counties may be available for recent deaths.

Death certificates are available for purchase for $12.00. VALID PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED when requesting cause of death.

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