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Helpful Links

Throughout our website we offer lots of information about a wide variety of issues. On many of the pages we also list links to other websites that will provide even more information to keep you in good health. As a service to our community, we have listed the most pertinent links here by topic. If you are looking for downloadable forms, please visit our Forms page under the Online Services Section of our website.

Some of these links direct you to sources that are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) and require Adobe Reader to view them. If you don't have the Reader, please click on the logo to install it.  Get Adobe Reader button - opens a new window

Areas of Interest

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Birth and Death Records

    Florida Vital Statistics Online - to order birth or death records online

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - to order birth and death

    records that occurred outside of Florida

    Florida Office of Vital Statistics - to order commemorative birth and marriage


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Clinic Services


    Immunization Guidelines (.pdf 54 KB) for the State of Florida

    All Immunization Schedules in English and Spanish

Family Planning

    Florida Department of Health (FLDOH) Information on Family Planning

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

    Information on STDs from the CDC

    FLDOH's STD Fact Sheets

Primary Care

    Healthy Children

    Kid Care


Epilepsy Drug Program

    CDC Information on Epilepsy

Insulin Program

    CDC Information on Diabetes

Tuberculosis Testing and Treatment

    FLDOH Tuberculosis Page

    CDC Tuberculosis Page

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Disaster Preparedness

    Red Cross

    Disaster Preparedness Kits (click on the Resources tab and scroll down to Disaster

    Preparedness Kits)

    Special Needs Shelter Information (click on the FAQ tab)

    Pet Friendly Shelter (click on the Pet Friendly tab)


        Hurricane Preparedness

            Florida Hurricane Preparedness

            Family Readiness

        Weather Information and Hurricane Tracking

            National Hurricane Center

            The Weather Channel

        Planning for Your Pet

            Planning for your Pet

            Santa Rosa County Animal Services

        Sheltering Information

            American Red Cross and Shelters (Northwest Florida)

            Are You Ready for a Hurricane?

            Santa Rosa County Special Needs Program

            Santa Rosa County Hurricane Shelters

        Community Disaster Preparedness

            Florida Department of Emergency Management

            Florida Citizen Emergency Information

        Business Disaster Planning

            Florida Department of Emergency Management


            Medline Plus "Bio Defense and Bioterrorism"

            Department of Justice "Coping After Disasters"

            Bioterrorism Preparedness

        Biological Agents

            Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)

            CDC Information on Bioterrorism

            Bio-security Center at University of Pittsburg Medical Center

        Chemical Agents

            CDC Information on Chemical Agents

        Radiation and Nuclear Hazards

            CDC Information on Radiation

            Radiation Emergency Assistance Center and Training Site (REACTS)

        Explosive Hazards

            CDC Information on Explosive Hazards

Pandemic Diseases

    American Red Cross

    CDC Information on Pandemics Diseases

    FLDOH Information on Pandemic Diseases

    World Health Organization

Medical Reserve Corps

    Medical Reserve Corps

    Florida Emergency Health Volunteer Registry

    Santa Rosa Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

    Navarre CERT

    Pace CERT

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Disease Control (Epidemiology)

    FLDOH List of Reportable Diseases (.pdf 2 mb)

    Food Safety

    Center for Disease Control

    Florida Department of Health

    United States Food and Drug Administration

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Environmental Health

    Florida Division of Environmental Health

Beach Water Monitoring

    Florida Healthy Beaches Program

    Environmental Protection Agency's Beach Monitoring

    CDC Information on Healthy Swimming

Swimming Pool Inspections

    Department of Environmental Health

Daycare/Foster Home inspections

    Group Care Facilities Requirements


    CDC Information Concerning Rabies

Public/Private Water Supplies

    Florida Bureau of Water Programs Home

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Health Promotion

    Living Well in the Panhandle - from the University of Florida's Institute for Food and

    Agricultural Sciences

    The CDC's Body Mass Index for Children and Teens

    Nemours' Kids Health

    Florida Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Tobacco Control

    Tobacco Free Florida


    FLDOH Division of Health Access and Tobacco

    Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

    Surgeon General's Report on Secondhand Smoke

    Florida Youth Tobacco Survey Reports Page

        Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT)

            Students Working Against Tobacco

        Smoke-free Businesses

            Florida Clean Indoor Air Act

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Healthy Start/Mom Care


    Florida Department of Children and Families

    Access Florida

    Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions

    "Safe to Sleep" Campaign for Babies


School Health

    FLDOH Information on School Health

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Hot Topics

Influenza (Flu)

    Information on the Flu Shot (inactivated)

    Information on the Flu Mist (activated)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Flu Basics

    CDC Weekly U.S. Flu Surveillance Report

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State Useful Links

    Tobacco Free Florida Website

    FLDOH Web Page

    MyFlorida Web Page

    Social Security Administration

    Year in Review

    DOH Online Newsroom

    Florida Public Health Statutes

    Licensing and Regulation

    Healthy Environments

    Data and Publications

    People First - employment opportunities

    Disease Reporting and Surveillance

    Disease Reporting and Management

    Florida CHARTS - track health status of your community

    State and Community Reports

    Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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National Useful Links

    Web Page For CDC

    National Library of Medicine

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

    Department of Health and Human Services

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

    FDA Center for Food Safety

    Foodborne Illness Information

    General Accounting Office

    National Institutes of Health - health information for the public and health


    National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

    National Cancer Institute

    National Institute on Drug Abuse

    National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

    National Institute of General Medicine

    The Center for Scientific Review - Division of Research Grants

    Public Health Service

    U.S. Census Bureau

    U.S. Department of Agriculture

    National Agricultural Library - Food and Nutrition Information

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