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The St. Johns County Health Department’s Epidemiology & Disease Control service Center is responsible for the investigation, monitoring, and control of reportable diseases and conditions.

Diseases or conditions listed in the Reportable Diseases/ Conditions in Florida Practitioner Guide - DH 2136, 7/09 (PDF, 962k)New Window are of public health significance and are required to be reported to the local health department.

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If any of these disease or conditions are identified in a St. Johns County resident, the practitioner, hospital, laboratory, or other individuals identifying or diagnosing the condition must report the infection to the St. Johns County Health Department via telephone, (904-825-5055), (with subsequent written report within 72 hours, see Rule 64D-3New Window, facsimile, (904-823-2380), or other confidential means of communication to the St. Johns County Health Department. Reporters may report clusters of or individual cases of diseases and/or conditions not listed by rule. If calling outside normal business hours, our After-Hours call service will assist you.

For more information on Disease Reporting in Florida, Data on Selected Reportable Diseases in Florida, Laboratory Specimen Collection & Submission, or Florida Laws and Statutes, please visit the website for the Florida Department of Health Bureau of EpidemiologyNew Window.

The Epidemiology department serves as a resource to provide information and education on specific diseases, the epidemiology of those diseases and their prevention to the public and to the health care community. The Epidemiology Department strives to keep the healthcare practitioners informed of significant public health threats. The Epidemiology Department, in conjunction with St. Johns County Environmental Health, investigates clusters of illness commonly known as ‘outbreak investigations’.

Tuberculosis (TB): The Tuberculosis program identifies and tracks those individuals with active tuberculosis disease so as to provide treatment when indicated. In conjunction with this mission, possible contacts of a person with active TB disease are screened and monitored along with any individuals in the community who may be at risk for tuberculosis infection. Screening for TB infection is conducted on Monday & Friday with a follow up visit for “reading” the injection site 48-72 hours later. Persons who are infected and at risk of developing active TB disease and becoming infectious are offered preventive treatment. Please call for more information.

Refugee Health: (as required by law) The St. Johns County Health Department conducts health physicals for refugees entering the United States.

Rabies: The Epidemiology Department in collaboration with St. Johns County Animal Control, conducts investigations into the exposure of residents to animal bites and scratches in an effort to prevent the transmission of rabies. Residents who may be exposed are asked to provide information about their exposure so that the SJCHD can evaluate whether a client needs to receive treatment to prevent rabies infection.

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