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SJCHD Balanced Scorecard

St. Johns County Health Departmentís Balanced Scorecard is a single-page document that denotes the major points of our Strategic Plan. The intent is that it is understandable, measurable and actionable.

For more information, view a detailed version of St. Johns County Health Departmentís Balanced Scorecard (pdf, 53k)New Window. Also available is the most current version of the Agencyís Strategic & Business Plan.

1.0 Prosperity / Quality of Life

Improve Community Health & Ensure Public Health Preparedness and Response.

Strategic Objectives

1.1 Ensure Public Health Preparedness and Response

1.2 Improve Health Indicator Performance

1.3 Impact Healthy Behaviors

1.4 Impact CDC Winnable Battles

2.0 Business/Finance Excellence

Ensure Financial Sustainability by Improving Process Performance and Maximizing Business Efficiencies.

Strategic Objectives

2.1 Ensure Financial Sustainability

2.2 Maximize Efficiencies and Effectiveness

3.0 Customer and Partnership Engagement

Facilitate Affordable, Accessible, Coordinated, and High Quality Health Services

Strategic Objectives

3.1 Enhance Community Partnerships

3.2 Improve Customer Focus

4.0 Employee Engagement / Accountability

Improve employee engagement & workforce development

Strategic Objectives

4.1 Improve Employee Engagement

4.2 Improve Workforce Development

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