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Strategic Plan & Business Plan

St. Johns County Health Department’s Strategic Plan 2011- 2014 and Business Plan 2011-2012, outlines our mission, vision, purpose, the priorities for the next calendar year and the mechanisms used to deliver them for the benefit of the public.

St. Johns County Health Department's Strategic Plan 2011-2014 & Business Plan 2011-2012
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This Strategic Plan & Business Plan focuses our efforts on four Strategic Priorities:

  • Prosperity/Quality of Life
  • Business/Finance Excellence
  • Customer & Partnership Engagement
  • Employee Engagement & Personal Responsibility

As stated by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), a functional and useful strategic plan requires that it be understood by staff and implemented by the health department. The development of such a plan requires a planning process that considers opinions and knowledge from across the health department, assesses the larger environment in which the health department operates, uses its organizational strengths and addresses it weaknesses, links to the health improvement plan that has been adopted by the community, and links to the health department’s quality improvement plan. This document very much aligns with this description.

This Plan aligns with our outcome-oriented, Sterling/Baldrige-based Performance Excellence model and focuses on improving quality of life at the community level. This enables our Agency to focus on the Essential Services of Public Health and the Domains of voluntary Public Health Accreditation. This Plan and our Performance Management System are integrated and aligned with priorities of the Florida Department of Health, the national PHAB’s accreditation measures and standards, with objectives of U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Healthy People 2020 and the Sterling/Baldrige Management Model.

This Plan is not intended to serve as a policy or discussion document but a practical, descriptive document designed to be used flexibly by managers throughout the year to make decisions about resources and prioritization. This is a “living document” that may expand in scope over the course of the project to reflect changes in the community, as well as changes in systems and supports that address the well-being of the community we serve.

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