Banner photo of alligator with Florida Health logo and Florida Dept. of Health in St. Lucie County.

Biomedical Waste

The Health Department is given authority under Chapter 64E-16, Florida Administrative Code to regulate facilities that handle, segregate, store, transport or dispose of biomedical waste products. We monitor facilities that generate these types of waste including hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, funeral homes, dentists, physicians and veterinarians. There are over 400 biomedical waste generators in St. Lucie County. Those that generate at least 25 pounds of biomedical waste in any given month are inspected and permitted annually. Facilities generating less than 25 pounds in any 30-day period are considered "exempt from the fee" and inspected every three years.

Registered Transporters and Trauma Scene Clean-up Providers in or around St. Lucie County

Inspection Reports and Data