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Family Planning

Fees are based on a sliding scale. Medicaid is also accepted. Services include annual exams, pap smears, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, HIV testing, issuance of various types of contraception (i.e. oral contraceptives, depo provera injections, emergency contraception, condoms, prescriptions for other methods and referrals for tubal ligations and vasectomies), education, counseling and referrals for community services.

Pap smears are a cervical cancer screening test. It is not used to detect other kinds of cancer. This test can detect abnormal cells in the cervix that may turn into cancer. If detected early, a woman can be treated. In most cases, this treatment prevents cervical cancer from developing. Abnormal cells in the cervix and cervical cancer do not always have symptoms. That is why getting tested yearly and keeping follow-up appointments are important to your health.