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School Health

The school health nurse is a professional who works in an educational setting to advocate for the health and safety of the children in our community. School nursing program interventions improve student health and affect their achievement and success.

The School Nurse requires expertise in pediatrics, public health and mental health. Health promotion, assessment and referral skills are also an integral component of the role. The school nurse conducts illness and injury assessments and interventions; provides health screenings to students and faculty; handles chronic disease management and education; creates individualized nursing plans for students with special needs or disabilities; helps develop guidelines for school policies; and serves as a liaison between school and community health care needs.

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School Nurses Decrease Absenteeism and Decrease Discipline Referrals.

According to the National Association of Nurses, a recent survey of school nurses indicated:

Have Saved a Child's Life

Have Identified an Abused Child

Have Counseled a Depressed/Suicidal Student