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Taylor County Health DepartmentTaylor County Health Department
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Public Health

Other Health Services

School Health Program

Environmental Health

Social Services


Taylor County Community Health Assessment

Taylor County Community Health Improvement Plan

Clinicians and Hospitals: To report a suspected notifiable disease or in the case of a health emergency, call (850) 584-5087 24/7

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Local Useful Links

State Useful Links

National Useful Links

Taylor County Chamber of Commerce

Tobacco Free Florida Website

Web Page For CDC

Local Forecast

Florida DOH Web Page

National Library of Medicine

Taylor County Resources Directory (Word file 219kb)

MyFlorida.Com Web Page

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


Social Security Administration


Year in Review

Food and Drug Administration

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

DOH Online Newsroom

General Accounting Office

Aquatic Toxins Website

Florida Public Health Statutes

National Institutes of Health

Taylor County Board of County Commissioners

Licensing and Regulation

Health Information for the Public and Health Professionals

Whole Child Tricounty

Healthy Environments

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Disease Reporting and Surveillance

Data and Publications

National Cancer Institute

Disease Reporting and Management

People First - employment opportunities

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Florida CHARTS - track health status of your community

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

State and Community Reports

National Institute of General Medicine

Division of Research Grants

U.S. Bureau of the Census 

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Food & Nutrition Information

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