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Walton County Health Improvement Partnership

Vision:  a collaborative health system that includes health providers, local and county government, educated and concerned citizenry empowered to promote wellness and healthy environment for all residents and visitors in Walton County


    To monitor health status and diagnose and investigate health problems in the community while ensuring
     individual privacy.
    To inform, educate, and empower people about health issues.
    To develop and advocate for policies and plans that support individual and community health efforts.
    To promote and support the enforcement of laws and regulations that protects health and ensures safety.
    To link people to needed personal health services and resources.

Walton County Health Improvement Partnership 

The MAPP Project

 Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnership MAPPOpens in new window is a community wide strategic planning tool for improving community health. Facilitated by public health leadership, this tool helps communities prioritize public health issues and identify resource for addressing them.


Community ownership is the fundamental component of MAPPOpens in new window. The community strengths, needs, and desires drive the process.  MAPPOpens in new window provides the framework for creating a truly community driven initiative.


Why do we need you?  Community participation leads to collective thinking and, ultimately, results in effective, sustainable solutions to complex problems.  Broad community participation is essential because a wide range of organization and individuals contribute to public health.  Public, private, and voluntary organizations join community members and informal associations in provisions of local public health services.  


For more information about MAPPOpens in new window or WCHIPOpens in new window, contact

Laura Brazell at (850) 892-8015 x1163



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