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The Florida Hepatitis Prevention Program

The Florida Department of Health recommends hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines, as well as hepatitis B and C testing, for adults at increased risk for hepatitis infection, or the serious consequences of infection.

The vaccines and laboratory testing are available for Florida residents over 18 years and older, and may be offered at no charge in your area.

To get more information about hepatitis vaccine and testing availability, contact your local county health department.

Hepatitis Testing Information

“Hepatitis” is a word that means inflammation of the liver.

We can test your blood to see if you have a current or past infection caused by viral hepatitis. The three viruses we can test for are hepatitis A, B and C.

There currently is no cure for these viruses but there are vaccines for hepatitis A and B.

How is Viral Hepatitis spread?

Who is at an increased risk for getting viral hepatitis?

What does the Florida Hepatitis and Liver Failure Prevention and Control Program offer me?

What does it mean if my blood results turn out positive for the viruses?

When will I get my results?

You will receive your blood test results in approximately three weeks. Results will be sent to you in a letter or you may be called with your results. It is important that we have the correct address and phone number to be able to reach you. If you wish, you may make arrangements to pick up your results in person. We do not release the results to anyone else. Your records are confidential.

Who can I contact with questions I may have?

If you have questions you wish to discuss you may contact:
Florida Department of Health in Alachua County Hepatitis Program Coordinator
(352) 334-8842


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