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Program Description

PAC is a "Medicaid Waiver Program". It is a special enhancement of the Florida Medicaid Program, which permits payment for a unique set of home and community-based services that are not available under regular Medicaid. These varied services are designed to allow persons with AIDS to remain in the comfort of their homes and receive the necessary medical and social support they require.


Available services depend on the ability to find a Medicaid vendor in the area willing to provide the service at the Medicaid rate. All of these services require an annual physician prescription except for Education and Support.


To be eligible a client must be

Contact Information

(352) 334-7967

Case Managers

Each client has a case manager and a nurse care manager who tracks the client throughout the system, assesses needs, develops a plan of care, acts as an advocate, and coordinates services. The case manager will find service providers and will insure that the services match the clientÂ’s needs. The client must be able to receive care at home for no more than the State would normally spend, on average, for institutional care. The case manger continually evaluates the safety of the home environment.

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