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Children ages 3-20 are eligible for dental treatment at the Baker County Health Department.  Children 2 and under are referred to a children's dentist who has the special equipment needed for a child's small mouth.  We accept several different Medicaid plans.  Patients who are not Medicaid eligible are charged for services at the Medicaid rate.  We are not able to accept dental insurance plans.

Adults who are Medicaid eligible are seen for emergency visits.


Treatments Offered

  Smiling Tooth
  • Cleanings

  • Fillings

  • Extractions

  • Sealants


Smiling Tooth  

Bussing Program


The Baker County Health Department and Baker County School Board Dental Program is a cooperative effort between the Dental Department, Baker County Middle School, Keller Intermediate School, and Baker County High School whereby eligible children are "bussed" to the Health Department during school hours for dental care

  The following Groups of students are eligible for the bussing program:  
  • Children on Medicaid, ages 3-20
  • Children on other need-based programs who are unable to obtain dental care in the community
  How It Works  
  • Students are brought to the Health Department five or six students at a time. 
  • Children are provided with a desk so that they can complete their school work while waiting for their appointment.
  • The school nurse will collect permission slips and coordinate the visits with the school and Dental Department. 
  • The Dental Department will send a letter home with each child explaining what dental procedures were done, and what treatment is still needed. 
  More Information  
  • Any parent interested in the program should contact the school nurse.
  • Parents are encouraged to contact the dentist at the Health Department if they have any specific questions or concerns
  • Teachers who know of a child who is in need of this service are also advised to contact the school nurse.
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