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Florida Department of Health in Brevard County

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Tuberculosis Program

(321) 634-3550


What is Tuberculosis?    

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease which usually affects the lungs but can affect other body parts as well.  Long ago it was called "consumption".  It can be spread from one person to another.  Some people just become infected.  Some who are infected will develop the disease.

Signs of Tuberculosis:   

The usual signs are:

  • chronic cough

  • fatigue

  • night sweats

  • unexplained weight loss or fever

  • loss of appetite

  • coughing up blood

Often the only sign is a persistent cough.  These signs are often symptoms of other diseases as well, so be sure to see a doctor.

Who should be tested?

Persons at high risk of exposure to tuberculosis should be retested at regular intervals.  Persons who have been in contact with someone who has active Tuberculosis should be tested as soon as possible.  Anyone who might be or is infected with the AIDS virus should be tested also.

For testing and treatment:

Brevard County Health Department provides services necessary to identify, investigate, and assist in the treatment of Tuberculosis, Infection and Disease. 

TB skin tests are available to anyone at each Brevard County Health Department clinic location Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.  No appointment is necessary.

Trained TB Nursing Staff is available to teach the Tuberculin Skin Testing Certification Course to Community Agency Medical Staff.

Staff is available for home visits to provide counseling and teaching to families and individuals when Tuberculosis is a possibility.  Staff is also available to conduct contact investigations for families of children with positive PPD's  upon request from private pediatricians.


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