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Florida Department of Health in Brevard County

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First Aid Kit

  Below is a list of suggested items for a first aid kit.
  Activated Charcoal   Adhesive tape
  Anti-diarrhea medication   Antiseptic Ointment
  Aspirin   Bacitracin
  Band-Aids   Burn Ointment
  Bottled Water   Butterfly bandages
  Calamine/antihistamine lotion   Chemical cold packs
  Cotton-tipped swabs   Disinfectant Spray
  Elastic bandages, 3 inches wide   Eye Drops
  Insect repellent   Iodine
  Latex Gloves   Laxative
  Needles   Neosporin
  Razor   Rubbing Alcohol
  Scissors   Sharp knife
  Soap   Standard OTC medicines for colds, allergies, cough
  Standard Children's medicines for colds, allergies, cough   Sterile cotton balls
  Sterile gauze pads, 4 by 4 inches   Sterile non-stick pads
  Sterile rolls, bandages   Sunscreen
  Thermometer   Triangular bandages

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