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Administration / Directory
Phone:  321.633.2100

Customer service is very important to us here at Environmental Health.  We take pride in assisting residents, businesses, and visitors of Brevard County with all of their EH needs.  Please review our current schedule of fees:  Environmental Health Fee Schedule.  We accept the following forms of payment:  cash, check, credit (MasterCard and Visa only - via telephone or in person), debit (in person only), and money order.  Electronic forms of payment are only accepted Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  All checks and money orders should be made out to:  DOH-Brevard.  Our office is located in building A, room 116 of the Brevard County Government Center positioned on the corner of Stadium Parkway and Judge Fran Jamieson Way in Viera, FL; hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

All mail correspondence should be sent to: Florida Department of Health - Brevard County
  Environmental Health Services
  2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Ste A116
  Viera, FL 32940

Telephone Directory

Facility Programs
Fax Number - 321.633.2163

Cynthia Leckey Environmental Manager 321.633.2100 x52305
Liz Bishop Senior Clerk 321.633.2100 x57401
Matthew Borden Environmental Specialist II 321.633.2100 x52280
Cheryl Frazier, Ph.D. Environmental Specialist III 321.633.2100 x56236
Margaret Hansotte Environmental Specialist I 321.633.2100 x52316
Tasneem Wolfe Environmental Specialist II 321.633.2100 x52318

Onsite Sewage Programs
Fax Number - 321.633.2163

Christie McNamara Environmental Manager 321.633.2100 x52307
Eric Addington, R.S. Environmental Specialist II 321.633.2100 x52312
Scott Bauman Environmental Specialist III 321.633.2100 x56749
Pat Brooks Fiscal Assistant II 321.633.2100 x52216
Debra Eaton Senior Clerk 321.633.2100 x56221
Jennifer Morley Environmental Specialist I 321.633.2100 x56392
Don Steele, R.S. Environmental Specialist III 321.633.2100 x56715
Mary Young Environmental Specialist II

321.633.2100 x52302

Rabies Program
Fax Number - 321.

Cynthia Leckey Environmental Manager 321.633.2100 x52305
Ray Walton, Ph.D. Environmental Specialist III /
Rabies Program Coordinator
321.633.2100 x52315

Water Programs
Fax Number - 321.633.2151

Cynthia Leckey Environmental Manager 321.633.2100 x52305
Vern Buchanan, R.S. Environmental Specialist II 321.633.2100 x56235
Christine Linsenbardt Environmental Specialist II 321.633.2100 x52301
Jill Love Environmental Specialist III 321.633.2100 x56391
Deborah Markogiannakis Fiscal Assistant II 321.633.2100 x56753
Karen McFee Environmental Specialist II 321.633.2100 x52317
Brenda Perezvargas Environmental Specialist I 321.633.2100 x52534

Fax Number - 321.690.6856

Melissa Brock, R.E.H.P. Environmental Health Director 321.633.2100 x52322
Sue Bray Administrative Assistant II 321.633.2100 x52320
Debra Kreutz Accountant I (OSTDS Operating/Service) 321.633.2100 x56754

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