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Limited Use Drinking Water

Phone:  321.633.2100, option 2


This program monitors construction, permitting, sampling and enforcement of Limited Use Public Drinking Water Systems (which are not covered by the Safe Drinking Water Act), multi-family water systems and private water systems in Brevard County.  


There are three types of Limited Use Public Water Systems:

Limited Use Community is a water system that serves 5 or more residences or two or more rentals residences.  Such as:  Apartments, Duplex / Triplex, Assisted Living Facility, small Mobile Home Park, nursing homes.


Limited Use Commercial is a water system that services one or more non-residential establishments, and provides piped water.  Such as:  Motel / Hotel, Church, Business, Family Day Care.


Limited Use Registered is a water system which is a limited use commercial system that does not make tap water available for public consumption.  Such as:  business with no water fountain, church with no kitchen or public events, park restroom with no water fountain.

The criteria that determine the water system's classification can be determined by reviewing the decision tree.


For more information, definitions, and rule information on these systems in the State of Florida, please visit http://www.floridahealth.gov/healthy-environments/drinking-water/limited-use-wells.html.


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