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Florida Department of Health in Brevard County

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Picture of caducei, a medical insignia bearing a representation of a staff with two entwined snakes and two wings at the top, in the foreground with a red cross in the background. 

PATH Clinic
(Primary Access to Health)

The Primary Access to Health (PATH) program is a community partnership effort between the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners and the Brevard County Health Department to provide primary medical care to the adult members of Brevard County.


  • Brevard County resident

  • Family Income below 100% of the Federal poverty guidelines.

  • Currently not covered by Medicaid, Medicare, private health insurance, military health benefits or other insurance.

  • Currently not enrolled in a similar medical program such as: hospital primary care, community health clinic, health alliance, etc.


Tuesday - Thursday    8 am - 5 pm

Friday                           8 am - 12 pm


Services are provided at:

Brevard County Health Department

2555 Judge Fran Jamieson Way

Viera, Florida  32940

The clinic is staffed by nurses, clerks and a primary care physician.   An appointment is required.  To schedule a PATH appointment for the Melbourne Clinic, call (321) 726-2909. To schedule a PATH appointment for the Viera or Titusville Clinic, call at (321) 637-7300.

The clinic provides the following services:

  • Basic laboratory services

  • Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care

  • Disease management and education

  • Non-emergency Acute or Chronic health conditions

The clinic does not provide the following:

  • Chronic pain management  and prescription of narcotic medication

  • Continued care after three consecutive missed appointments

  • Disability assessments and physicals

  • Emergency services

  • Financial aid for medical services

  • Mental health services and prescriptions of drugs for mental illness 

  • On-call services

  • Phone prescriptions

  • Special diagnostic tests (i.e. MRI, CT Scan, Bone Scan) excluding routine blood work

  • Specialty care

  • Treatment of Hepatitis B & C

Melbourne PATH Clinic appointments, call (321) 726-2909; Viera or Titusville PATH Clinic appointments, call (321) 637-7300.


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