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Sharps Disposal Program

An individual home user generates sharps as a result of self-injection or injection by a family member for the treatment or control of an illness such as diabetes, allergies or for another legitimate purposes. The Clay County Sharps Disposal Program was initiated by the Environmental Health Section in 1995.

Sharps are defined as a device with physical characteristics having the potential to puncture, lacerate or otherwise penetrate the skin. These may include contaminated hypodermic needles, syringes, disposable scalpel blades, intact or broken glass and/or hard plastic.

Medical Waste from private residences is becoming increasing disposal problem.

Sharps that are thrown away can cause many problems:
They puncture solid waste containers and place workers along collection routes and at landfills at risk, or clog sewer lift stations. If not properly disposed of Sharps end up at recycling centers among the cans and plastics. Used sharps have the potential to transmit Hepatitis, HIV and other potentially fatal diseases if the original user was infected.

To ensure that there is a minimal risk to the public and the environment from any biomedical material/waste, the
Florida Department of Health in Clay County sponsors the Used Sharps Depository Program.

Sharps "Points"

  • Use only approved sharps containers
  • Fill only 3/4 full
  • Seal container before transporting

Sharps should be placed directly into a vertical Sharps container (rigid, leak-proof, one-way puncture resistant container) without recapping, clipping or breaking. Containers should be labeled with the Biomedical Symbol, name, address and date container was put into use.

The container should be disposed of within 30 days of when it is ¾ full.

Old sharps containers
can be dropped off and new sharps containers can be picked up at our clinics or the Orange Park Medical Center, free of charge.

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