Beach Water Monitoring
What do we test for?
We test twice per month for two kinds of bacteria which indicate water quality. These two bacteria indicators are fecal coliform and enterococcus.

Where can you find the results of the sampling?
At the Healthy Beaches website.

How many sites do we test?
We sample 10 sites throughout Collier County.

What do we do when sample results are poor?
Upon confirmation of two consecutive poor samples, beaches are posted with either warnings or advisories that swimming is not recommended due to high bacteria counts and and poses a possible health hazard.

My husband and I are getting itchy insect bites all over at night. Could it be bedbugs?
Please call a pest control company that specializes in bed bugs (if in private residence).

Child or Adult Sick
My baby is running a temperature and needs to see a doctor. Where can I go?
Lengthy or high fevers can be dangerous. Consider emergency care for your child. If you feel this is a non-emergency, please refer to the Community Services for Primary Care & Obstetrics section of this website for alternative local providers.

I am sick but I don't have any money to see a doctor. Where can I get care? Please refer to the Community Services for Primary Care & Obstetrics section of this website for alternative local providers.

Drinking Water
What is a limited use community water system (LUCWS)?
A LUCWS is one that utilizes a private well and serves two or more rental units.

What is a limited use commercial water system?
A limited use commercial water system is one that utilizes a private well and serves a commercial establishment.

Does the Environmental Health Department test drinking water?
Yes, if your residence uses a well. There is a $25.00 charge for the test, which is for bacteriological analysis only. Call our office (239) 252-2499 for more information.

Drug Testing
Where can I get a drug test for work?
When employers require drug screening, most require that this be done through their third party provider. The Collier County Health Department (CCHD) does not provide drug screening for employers or non-CCHD employees.

I don't have insurance, a job or money.. My blood pressure is way up and I need to see a doctor. Where can I go?
Please refer to the Community Services for Primary Care section of this website for alternative local health care providers.

I hurt my knee and went to the ER. They told me I needed to see an orthopedic doctor. I called around but the doctors want a $600 deposit before they'll make an appointment to see me. I don't have $600 and I don't have any insurance. What can I do?
If you are aged 19 - 64, you can be referred to the Physicians Led Access Network (PLAN) of Collier County. You must be referred to PLAN by a medical care provider.

If over 50 years old, refer to Collier Senior Friendship Center.

I'm worried about a mold problem in my condo. What should I do?
Call the Mold Hotline 800-543-8279 or Code Enforcement (if renting or in condo) 239.252.2440. Landlord/Tenant Dispute Line (if renting) 800-435-7352 or Landlord/Tenant Law information. The Institute of Food and Agricultural Services (IFAS) Extension provides info on getting rid of mold and mold prevention. Call 239.353.4244 for more information.

My son is in high school and has to get a sports physical. Where can I go?
Please refer to the Community Services for Primary Care section of this website for alternative local health care providers.

We ate at a restaurant and saw roaches around the baseboards when we were leaving. Who can we call? We stopped at a restaurant in Naples and the silverware in the place settings had bits of dried food stuck to them. Who can we call?
The Department of Health does not inspect or license restaurants. Restaurants in the State of Florida are inspected and licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. They may be contacted at 850-487-1395.

Septic Tanks
How often should I pump out my septic tank?
Once every four years.

Can you lower the water table?
No, but call for an appointment at 239.252.5577and one of our inspectors will set the elevation and determine the depth of the water table.

What should I do if I find raw sewage on the ground?
If you call in a complaint, our staff investigates to check for validity. If the complaint is valid, we contact the property owner to work out a compliance program with them. You may call 239.252.5577.

Swimming Pools
What is a public swimming pool?
A public swimming pool is one that serves five or more families.

Are infants required to wear waterproof diapers in public swimming pools?
No, there are no Florida codes, statutes, or laws that address any issue involving infants or children in public swimming pools.

Can the manager or owner of a public swimming pool adopt rules and regulations in addition to those mandated by the Health Department?
Yes, although department personnel can only enforce the mandated rules and regulations.

What should be done in case of a fecal accident at a public swimming pool?
1)Close the pool to all swimmers
2) Remove the fecal matter
3) Raise the free active chlorine to 20 ppm for 8 hours; maintain pH 7.2-7.5
4)Backwash the filters to waste
5) Allow chlorine residual to drop to normal parameters
6) Balance water appropriately
7) Re-open pool; notify the Collier County Health Department

What is the minimum signage needed at a public pool?
The following rules should be posted at the pool in a minimum of one inch letters and shall contain the following:
1) No food, drink, glass, or animals in the pool or on the pool deck
2) Bathing load: _____ persons
3) Pool hours: ____ a.m. to ____ p.m
4) Shower before entering
5) Pools without an approved diving well configuration shall have "NO DIVING" in
four inch letters included with the above rules

How do I know what vaccines I need for foreign travel and where do I get them?
Please visit our Immunization page for referral to local travel vaccine clinics.

Vacant Houses
There is a vacant house that got foreclosed on in my neighborhood and the water in the a pool has turned a ghastly green color and is a death trap for kids. Rats are infesting the house. What can I do?
Please call Code Enforcement at 239.252.2440. They deal directly with the banks at a national level in order to rectify any environmental hazards. It can take up to 11 to 14 days for the problem to be resolved.

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