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Jackson County School Health Services


Pre-K Program

Comprehensive School Health

Full Service School Health

Teen Parent Program

Private Schools



School Health Services consists of those services mandated in Florida State Statutes 381.0056, 381.0057, and 381.0059 F.S.  The Jackson County Health Department (JCHD) shall jointly develop with the Jackson County School District (JCSD) the Jackson School Health Services Program plan.  The local program shall include, at a minimum, a plan for the delivery of school health services; accountability and outcome indicators; and strategies for assessing and blending financial resources of the JCHD, JCSB, and other public and private fund sources.  The local School Health Services Program plan shall describe the employment status of all health-related staff and the supervision of school health services personnel regardless of funding source.


Pre-K Program

The JCSB and JCHD have an agreement to provide quality health care services to the Pre-K students of Jackson County.  This agreement provides for blending of services between the nurses of JCHD and the Health and Safety Coordinator employed by the Pre-K Head-start Program.


Comprehensive School Health

School Health Services are provided by the Jackson County Health Department School Team.  Comprehensive School Health Services are provided to the public schools.  Such as 1st aide services, medication administration, immunization evaluation, nursing assessment, nutrition assessment and physical examination.  We also provide counseling, education classes, health referrals and follow up for children at risk for drop out, teen pregnancy, acute illness and substance abuse.  The program provides referrals for psychological and dental services.


Full Service School Health

The Full-Service School Program provides services to students on school grounds.  In collaboration, the JCSB and the JCHD identified full-service schools with student populations having high risk of needs for medical and social services.  These services are provided in addition to the basic school health program and are intended to integrate social services into health services, which are critical to the continuity-of-care process for this high-risk student population. 


Teen Parent Program

 Concentrated health care services are provided to the teen parent program via contract between the JCSB and JCHD.  The emphasis of care is on prevention of health related complications before and after delivery. 



Private Schools

For the private schools in Jackson County, limited basic school health services are offered.  The services offered are mandated by Florida Statutes.  They include screening for specific problems involving vision, hearing, growth and development, and scoliosis.  Also included in service provision is review of health records for proof of physical exam and a Florida Certificate of Immunization.




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This page was last modified on: 09/26/2012 11:40:03



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