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Person Swimming In Pool

Public Swimming Pools & Bathing Places

Swimming pools, water parks, and bathing places are sources for year-round family fun in Florida and places to cool off during the hot summer months. Although the risks are low, they can also be sources of waterborne diseases like E. coli and Cryptosporidium. Although chlorine is effective against many diseases that can get into recreational waters, overcrowding in pools and water parks can rapidly reduce chlorine levels. A few disease organisms like crypto are resistant to chlorine.

Many disease outbreaks in pools and water parks are caused by young children having bowel movements while in the water. The fecal material from these accidents can contain disease organisms that will spread rapidly if the chlorine levels are low or if they are resistant to disinfectants. If there is an accident at a public pool, please follow the CDC's " Fecal Accident Response"

For this reason our Environmental Specialists conduct routine inspections of all licensed public pools a minimum of twice a year, to monitor compliance with disinfection levels, water chemistry and safety requirements.

Rules for public swimming pools are contained in Chapter 64E-9 F.A.C. Pool operators are required to maintain a DAILY log on pool chemistry and operation, form DH 921.

List of Permitted Pools in Lee County (Excel / updated 12/13/2013)
Florida Pools Inspection Database

Please contact our environmental engineering office when making any changes to your pool or equipment: 239-274-2200



Florida Law requires that all public pools and spas be equipped with anti-entrapment drain covers

and a device or system that protects against entrapment.


Inspecting a Public Swimming Pool

Date released: July 29, 2010
Running Time: 2 minutes 56 seconds
Author: Volusia County Health Department
Series Name: Volusia Magazine

Our colleagues at the Volusia County Health Department take us out to the one of their local public swimming pools to follow Environmental Health Specialist, Suzanne Grubbs - for a swimming pool inspection.



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