AIDS Drug Assistance Program

Florida's AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is intended to help HIV positive people stay healthy by assisting with the purchase of HIV prescription medications. ADAP provides HIV drug treatments for people who do not have private health insurance, do not qualify for Medicaid or are awaiting Medicaid eligibility and cannot afford to purchase the medications themselves.

Who is eligible to be enrolled?

Persons who have:

  • Documented proof of being HIV positive

  • Meet financial eligibility requirements for participation in the Ryan White Program

  • Have lab tests documenting T Cell count and Viral Load count

  • Have written prescriptions for drugs on the ADAP formulary

To enroll, call (850) 983-5200 and speak with the person in charge of the ADAP program.


Who is Not eligible?

Persons who:

  • Choose not to provide required documentation

  • Are in institutional care (i.e. hospital or correctional facility)

  • Have Medicaid or health insurance that covers pharmaceuticals

  • Are eligible for Tricare or VA benefits

What documentation is needed?

At the time of enrollment you need to have in hand:

  • Documentation of positive HIV status

  • Prescriptions from a doctor licensed to practice in the state of Florida

  • Current Viral Load and CD4 (T Cell) lab results (less than 4 months)

  • Patient core eligibility letter from Ryan White Services.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited funding, not everyone who is eligible for the program may receive services. Should ADAP services be unavailable, other possible funding options can be sought with the assistance of a case manager.

ADAP has instituted a waiting list as of June 1st, 2010. For more information call the ADAP Representative at:

    Florida Department of Health in Santa Rosa County Milton Office - (850) 983-5200

    Florida's HIV/AIDS Hotline - 1-800-FLA-AIDS (1-800-352-2437)

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