The Epilepsy Drug Program provides a resource for certain medications used to control seizures for low income Floridians diagnosed with epilepsy. The program works in conjunction with the Epilepsy Services Program.

Individuals diagnosed with epilepsy having no resources to obtain prescribed medication will be screened for eligibility for the program.

To be eligible a person must:

  • Be a resident of Florida with intent to remain in Florida

  • Have a diagnosis of epilepsy

  • Have no coverage for medication through Medicaid or other health insurance

  • Have a gross family income at or below 110% of the current Office of Management and Budget poverty guidelines

  • Have no more than $2,500 per family in private funds, bank accounts or investments to defray the cost

  • Bring a current prescription with you at the time of interview for eligibility.

It will take approximately 4 weeks to receive medication from State of Florida Department of Health Central Pharmacy if eligibility is approved.

To make an appointment to determine eligibility:

Call (850) 983-5200.

For more information on Epilepsy, please visit the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

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