Insulin Program

Certain types of insulin may be provided to any financially eligible resident of Florida needing insulin for diabetes medical management. A person eligible to receive insulin through Medicaid or any other health benefit is not eligible to receive insulin through this program. The Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines, published annually in the Federal Register, shall be used to determine financial eligibility. A person with income at or below 100% of poverty is eligible and shall not be assessed a fee for insulin. Please bring a current prescription for insulin with you at time of interview for eligibility. If eligibility is approved, insulin will be issued at this time.

Current insulin types that are available through this program are:

  • Regular Insulin
  • 70/30
  • NPH

Financial eligibility must be reviewed each year on the first visit following the anniversary date of the person's admission into the insulin program.

To make an appointment to determine eligibility:

Call (850) 983-5200.

For more information on diabetes visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Diabetes Resource.

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