Public Swimming Pools

Public swimming pools and bathing places regulated by the Florida Department of Health in Santa Rosa County are inspected at least twice annually to ensure they are operated in a safe and sanitary manner to minimize the risk of disease and injury.

These inspections consist of testing for proper water chemistry, cleanliness of the facilities, and compliance with applicable state codes and Santa Rosa County ordinances.

Please call Santa Rosa County Environmental Health at (850) 983-5275, or stop by our office at 5505 Stewart Street in Milton to report a problem or conduct business regarding a public swimming pool.

Annual renewal of operating permits:

  • Pools greater than 25,000 gallons and bathing places - $360.00.
  • Pools of 25,000 gallons or less - $175.00.

More information on swimming pools can be obtained at the following web sites

    Department of Environmental Health
    Centers for Disease Control


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