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Contact the Newborn Screening Program

Ordering More Specimen Cards

Submitting entities can order more specimen collection cards (Form 677)

Please only submit this form via the Postal Service or by fax.

Requirements for Newborn Screening Samples

All infants born in Florida must have a valid newborn screening specimen collected on the DOH 677 Florida specimen card.

For newborns that are not in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the requirement for collection is at least 24 hours of age.

If at the time of collection the age requirements are not met, then parents must be given written instructions that a repeat specimen must be collected within five days.

For newborns admitted to the NICU, the metabolic screen must be collected upon admission, prior to any treatments/transfusions, a second screening specimen should be collected between 48-72 hours of life, a third specimen should be collected at 28 days of life or before discharge; whichever comes first, on all infants less than 2000 grams at birth.

Florida Newborn Screening Guidelines

Completion of the Specimen Card

Specimen cards for Medicaid-eligible children must include the Medicaid billing number to be considered a completed specimen card.

Specimen cards for patients with private insurance must include the name of the insurance company and policy number to be considered a completed specimen card.

For single births, do not enter birth order information. For multiple births, it is vital to include "A" for the first birth, "B" for the second birth, and so on.

A broad overview of the current testing procedure is available online courtesy of the State of Florida Newborn Screening Laboratory at the Bureau of Public Health Laboratories (BPHL) in Jacksonville.

Specimen Card Poster 8.5x11       Specimen Card Poster 11x17

Parent Refusal

A written refusal must be documented in the patient's medical record for any parent not wishing for their child to be screened.

Lab Congratulations, Profile, and Unsatisfactory Screen Reports

The monthly Lab Congratulations Report reflects birthing facilities with an unsatisfactory specimen rate below 1%.

The monthly Screening Profile Reports contain detailed information for each submitting entity on the number of unsatisfactory specimens collected, including those for which no satisfactory specimen has been received within 3 days of collection.

Submitting entities should check these lists periodically to ensure compliance with their statutory obligations to submit a satisfactory screening card for every newborn whose guardian does not object to the test in writing.

Ordering Brochures

Brochures which provide an informative overview of newborn screening, detail its benefits, and provide program contact information may be ordered at no cost. Brochures should be given to new parents before the specimen is collected, so that they are informed about the newborn screening process and disorders.

HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare providers may disclose, without prior individual authorization, protected health information to public health authorities. Per Florida law, this specifically applies to newborn screening information being disclosed to the Florida Department of Health.

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