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It's a New Day in Public Health.

The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, & community efforts.

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Office of Medical Marijuana Use

Notice of Rule Development

64-4.014 Standards for Production of Edibles

64-4.015 Dosing for Low-THC Cannabis and Medical Marijuana

64-4.016 Medical Marijuana Testing Laboratories and Testing Standards

64-4.017 Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Dispensing Facility Allocation  

64-4.018 Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Change of Ownership Applications

64-4.019 Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Personnel and Caregiver Background Screenings

64-4.020 Low-THC and Medical Marijuana Packaging and Labeling

64-4.021 Low-THC and Medical Marijuana Solvent Based Extraction and Related Products

64-4.022 Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Advertising and Signage

64-4.023 Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Variance Procedure

64-4.024 Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Waste Management

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Notice of Proposed Rule

This rule implements s. 381.986(8)(e)6.a., Florida Statutes, to establish the criteria under which certain pesticides may be legally used on marijuana by approved medical marijuana treatment centers.

64-4.013 Pesticide Use on Marijuana

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Notice of Proposed Regulation

The Department of Health, Office of Medical Marijuana Use hereby provides notice of its proposed regulation pursuant to the Department's authority under Article X, Section 29, of the Florida Constitution and consistent with section 381.986, Florida Statutes.

2-2.01 Pesticide Use on Marijuana