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Emergency Medical Review Committee

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On January 25, 2008 the Florida Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Advisory Council voted and approved an implementation plan that would develop the state's first Emergency Medical Review Committee (EMRC). Florida Statutes 401.425 provides the department with the authority to develop and maintain the EMRC. The EMRC provides a mechanism for statewide and national EMS data analysis for the purpose of statewide quality improvement and research. The EMRC will also assist the Bureau of EMS in mapping all report queries making sure data elements and data subset elements are appropriate for a report and/or research being conducted.


The Florida Emergency Medical Services Program Emergency Medical Review Committee (EMRC) provides a mechanism for statewide EMS data analysis and review for the purpose of statewide and national quality improvement initiatives. Information obtained for EMRC review is collected from the Emergency Medical Services Tracking and Reporting System (EMSTARS) database. That information is queried as directed by the EMRC.  The EMRC works to identify benchmarks, best practices, trend identification and research opportunities for the Florida EMS Community. Appropriate information is provided to the Quality Assurance program identified by individual EMS provider agencies for review and comment. In addition, the EMRC provides support to the Florida EMS Advisory Committee and other strategic planning oversight teams to develop and identify goals that will be incorporated into a comprehensive statewide plan. The goals of the committee are to assure a positive impact on the care of victims with injury or illness, and to encourage the usage of modern quality management practices in EMS. The committee accomplishes these goals through peer networking, education, leadership, and consensus building. The committee's philosophy is to provide guidance and promote feedback in a manner that is conductive to learning and system improvement.


Currently, twelve subject matter experts from around the state makeup the membership of the EMRC. Each member represents a different component or service type of the EMS environment. Members are appointed and removed by the State Surgeon. Each non ex-officio member of the EMRC will serve a term of no more than 4 years. All Members of the EMRC will be voting members. The current membership includes:

EMRC Position                                                 Member                               Organization

Chairman                                           Joe Nelson                    Florida Department of Health (Ex-Offico)

Ex-Officio Position                               Steve McCoy                  Florida Department of Health (Ex-Offico)

Quality Improvement Officer Position     Lenora Leddy                St. Johns County Fire Rescue

Fire-Based Position                              Daniel Harshburger        Martin County Fire Rescue

Non-Fire-Based Position                       Benjamin Abes               Lee County EMS

Air Medical Position                             Catherine Carrubba         Tampa General Hospital

Pediatric/Neonatal                               Phyllis Hendry                University of Florida Health Science Center/Jacksonville

At-Large Position                                Daniel Griffin                  DJ Griffin Education, LLC

At-Large Position                                Malcolm Kemp                Leon County EMS

Trauma Position                                 Andrew J. Kerwin             University of Florida College of Medicine/Jacksonville

Private Ambulance Position                  Mike Hall                       Nature Coast EMS

Researcher                                        Ivette Motola                 Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education


The EMRC will meet at least quarterly. The meeting times and locations will be at the discretion of the Committee Chair. Meetings of the EMRC are exempt from the Public Records laws and Sunshine Laws as provided in Chapter 401.425, Florida Statutes. However, public participation in proceedings where there is no review of Prehospital data is encouraged.