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It's a New Day in Public Health.

The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, & community efforts.

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125 Years of Florida Public Health

From the Florida Memory Project

The Germ:

Bay Street Fires:

Personification of Yellow Fever:

Smallpox Patient:

Seminole Family:

31st Brigade (troop movement, Key West):

Mosquito Control:

Porter Historical Marker:

Rat Eradication in Florida:

Midwives Training:

Nurse Home Visit:

Movie Truck:

Migrant Housing:

Child Vision:

Sailing Quarantine:

VD Rapid Treatment Center:

Nurse Migrant Labor Camp:

Free TB Chest X-Ray:

Dr. Examining a preschool child:

Children Polio Vaccine:


Nurse Dental:

Child Dental Screening:

Bubonic Plague:

Dentist examining patient:

SBH Building:



Blood Pressure:

Blood Pressure (2):

Water Supply Test:

Nurse Working with Child:


Nurse working with deaf child:


Milk Plant:

CO2 Cancer Detection:

Map of FL 1842:

Spanish galleon:


de Soto:

de Soto Tampa:


Construction of Castillo de San Marcos:

Map 2 Territories:

Timucua men carving canoe:

Floridians Depositing Crops:

Hildegarde steamboat:


Governor Safford:

Yellow Fever Letter:

Yellow Fever Immunity Card:

Isolation Camp:



Sanitary Toilet:

Group of RN:

Hillsborough Co. Health Center 1:

Hillsborough Co. Health Center 2:

Hillsborough Co. Health Center 3:


OB Medical Record:

Isolation Camp 2:

Male Midwife:

Baby Bed Mosquito:

Newspaper Mattress:

Boy with hookworm:

Nurse Preparing Medicine: