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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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Office Surgery Registration

Who Needs to Register?
Any physician who performs liposuction procedures in which more than 1,000 cubic centimeters of supernatant fat is removed, Level II procedures lasting more than 5 minutes, and all Level III surgical procedures in an office setting must register the office with the Department unless that office is licensed as a facility under chapter 395. The Department shall inspect the physician’s office annually unless the office is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency or an accrediting organization subsequently approved by the Board of Medicine. The actual costs for registration and inspection or accreditation shall be paid by the person seeking to register and operate the office setting in which office surgery is performed.

Every Florida licensed physician who holds an active Florida license and performs liposuction procedures in which more than 1,000 cubic centimeters of supernatant fat is removed, Level II surgical procedures in Florida with a maximum planned duration of five (5) minutes or longer, or any Level III office-based surgical procedures, as fully defined in 64B8-9.009, shall immediately notify the Board of Medicine in writing. It is the physician's responsibility to ensure that every office in which he or she performs Levels II or III surgical procedures as described above is registered, regardless of whether other physicians are practicing in the same office or whether the office is non-physician owned.

The physician must immediately notify the Board Office, in writing, of any changes to the registration information.

Documentation Needed to Register
  • Office Surgery Registration Form with an original signature for each Surgeon
  • Name and license number of any Surgeon, Physician Assistant (PA), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), or Registered Nurse (RN) at facility
  • Copies of any protocols necessary for the supervision of any PA, CRNA or APRN.
  • Name and license number of M.D. or D.O. Anesthesiologist, if applicable
  • Transfer agreement from a local hospital or staff privileges with a delineation of procedures from a local hospital (within 30 minutes).
  • Copy of current ACLS Card for Surgeon or at least one assistant
  • BLS cards or ACLS cards for surgeon and staff
  • The Surgeon must be able to document satisfactory completion of training such as Board certification or Board qualification by a Board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties or any other board approved by the Board of Medicine or must be able to demonstrate to the accrediting organization or to the Department comparable background, training and experience or must provide documentation of staff privileges at a licensed hospital to perform the same procedure in that hospital as that being performed in the office setting. In addition, the surgeon must have knowledge of the principles of general anesthesia.
  • Copy of current accreditation certificate and survey, if applicable