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5 Excuses Everyone Uses to Not Exercise

May 03, 2018

The best things for us in life don’t always come easy. That’s certainly true for physical health. Everyone knows exercise will do them some good, but few are willing to put in the time and effort. And who can blame them?

With the seemingly endless list of professional and family responsibilities, it is conceivable that there will always be reasons not to maintain your physical fitness. Knowing why we make these excuses can help us to overcome them. Here are five excuses everyone uses to not exercise:

  1. Not enough time. Whoever said there weren’t enough hours in the day knew what they were talking about. When one-third of the day is spent asleep and another third is dedicated to school or work, there are few precious hours left for working out. The remaining time is usually spent doing chores, attending to social obligations and, let’s be honest, binging TV and movies.

    Carving out time for your physical well-being can be tricky. Catch up with a friend or family member while working out. Decide to squeeze some time in on your lunch break or as soon as you have some time freed up. Being creative with your scheduling can usually result in finding some spare time. It will always be time well spent.
  1. Not enough energy. With all the energy we spend getting through our hectic schedules, it’s no wonder there’s nothing left in the tank for exercise. After an especially busy day, all you might be looking forward to is going back to the comfort of your bed. Although it’s tempting to hit the hay, take a load off for 10-20 minutes, eat a snack and recharge. This will give you the boost you need to get through a decent workout.
  2. Competing priorities. This excuse goes hand in hand with not having enough time. Having your priorities in order is an accomplishment all its own. Who else can handle your business like you? Nobody! Of course, if you’re not prioritizing your own health then you will be less effective at taking care of your biggest responsibilities. In comparison to raising kids, tending to a career and maintaining relationships, keeping your body in tune is a small investment that offers tremendous rewards.
  3. Lack of motivation. This is probably the most common excuse. Although we all have ambitions of peak physical fitness, building momentum to achieve it is challenging. This is where other people come in. Join a gym or athletic club, sign up for a fitness class or make a pact with friends or family members. Stay accountable and check in with your workout partner. Those days when you’re tired, checked out and discouraged can be overcome when you have like-minded people pushing and relying on you.
  4. Current Physical Condition. The best excuse you’ve got is that you’re too out of shape to get back into shape. When it comes down to it, exercising is not always a walk in the park. Especially in the beginning, it is going to be uncomfortable. Remember that pain is only temporary and it is the first evidence that you will have of your transformation. Setting achievable fitness goals, getting plenty of rest and dieting properly will help ease you into the active lifestyle.

Overcoming these excuses will take some discipline and hard work. After a while you’ll wonder why you were making excuses in the first place.  Physical fitness is about feeling good. Not long after you get moving, the better you will feel—and that’s something you don’t have to make an excuse for!



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