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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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example_document.docx [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... , and we're going to start with program updates. So, as Ricky said ... council. And we do have an applicant for that, which I would get ...
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... :32.600 We'll move right into um program updates. Uh, we have new ... :51.944 agenda. We do have applications for two professionals. There is 1b21e02b-af69-4843-a4d2-050d2ef002 ...
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... get your water break or food break 5c04b95d-8dd1-4aae-af43-c1b06c112a 8-4 02 ... sort of related to our program are 4f00b454-8237-4104-952e-803ac5d42f 1-6 00 ... to give, um, applications, not applications, ...
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... lady from the states spinal Cord Injury Program visited me and helped me out quite ... as in service, how many were applicants, how many were closed. So ...
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... that way we can present to trauma program directors, managers across the state. ... of them, be able to do applications if it's, you know, to ...
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... for the brain and spinal Cord Injury Program, Madonna is still out on maternity ... now, but I also have three applicants that I'm waiting for the surgeon general ...
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... for Medicaid. Maybe getting food stamps? A housing ... that we have in the program to create and build ... pop them into this other application and it's gonna tell ...
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... injury and the spinal cord Injury Day programs to to be able to attend. ... the clients that were in service closures applicants those those, yes, yes. ...
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... for the Brain and spinal Cord Injury Program. 0:0 :31.360- ... letters back today for two of the applicants that went in that they were approved ...
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... knowledgeable about the brand's final words you program. Stotsenburg, Madonna 14:01 ... so they may come in as an applicant and we're not able to service them ...
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