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IN 2010-01 (Rules-Rev10) [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Rules Effective date 2-11-2010
... use available technetium-99m for patient studies instead of for dose calibrator testing. Radioactive Materials Program • Bureau of Radiation Control • Division of Environmental Health Bin C21 • 4052 ...
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InformationNotice2008-1 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... document is available on our Web site at . Radioactive Materials Program • Bureau of Radiation Control • Division of Environmental Health Bin C21 • 4052 ...
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Regulatory Guide 1 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... material license to cover an entire radionuclides program except for teletherapy, high dose rate ... June 2012 GUIDE FOR THE PREPARATION OF APPLICATIONS FOR gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units including gamma ...
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fgcl2.PDF [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... ITEM NOTES 13. Rad. Protection Program - Program addresses below items; 64E-5.208 ... CONTROL (BRC) FIXED GAUGE LICENSE APPLICATION (FORM 1054) CHECKLIST CHECK OFF ...
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CL Introduction 1-19-06 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... Equipment 11 Item 13. Radiation Protection Program 11 Item 14. Waste Disposal 15 ... July 2013 Revision 1 Instructions for Preparing Applications for Radioactive Materials Licenses Authorizing UNSEALED AND ...
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Radioactive Material _2_ [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... , .901 13. Rad. Protection Program – Description of program addressing below items ... CONTROL (BRC) RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL LICENSE APPLICATION CHECKLIST Notes: – This checklist is ...
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CL App. R (Inst. Calibratel) [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Radiation Detection Instrumentation Calibration Procedure
... of Unsealed Sources and the Contamination Control Program. 2. Assigned personnel dosimetry devices ... individuals performing instrument calibrations shall abide by applicable Rules of Use of Unsealed Sources and ...
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CL App. A (MOP) 1-25-07 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Member of the Public Dose Compliance Study
... The below marked box indicates how this procedure has been utilized: ( New license applicant: the procedure describes the methodology that will be used to conduct the MOP ...
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CL App. H (Rules of Use) 1-25-07 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Rules of Use of Unsealed Sources
... used is prohibited; IV. Storing food, drinks, or personal effects in ... used is prohibited; V. If applicable, personnel monitoring devices are worn at ...
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CL App. C (RSO Duties) 1-25-2007 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Duties & Responsibilities of the RSO
... and responsibilities described throughout the radiation protection program and additional duties specifically indicated below. ... with license terms and conditions and the applicable requirements of Chapter 64E-5, Florida Administrative ...
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