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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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radiation q&a_12_radiation q&aNew1-2 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... the microwaves used to cook food, the same as ... the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors Incorporated, Committee ... Radon and the American Water Works Association Research Project Foundation ...
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FSDB LHC 9.16.09 release [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... , water, soil, air, food) . A completed exposure pathway consists ... 12th grade as well as post secondary programs. FSBD is the largest school of ...
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floridapetroleum082499.pdf [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... . We identify if the National Toxicology Program, the International Agency for Research on ... are site specific and are not necessarily applicable to other sites. 6 Preparer of ...
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... no EPA or ATSDR comparison values for food, Florida DOH selected all three contaminants ... – A Primer on Toxicology Principles and Applications. Lewis Publications. Chelsea MI. ...
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FL Tile Fish HC 7.1.08 release [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... Standards For mercury, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) action ... 2310 Florida DOH Designated Reviewer Randy Merchant Program Administrator Bureau of Community Environmental Health Division ...
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Flash HC 3.10.09 release [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... , water, soil, air, food) . A completed exposure pathway consists ... from the state, tribal and territorial programs with which ATSDR has cooperative agreements, ...
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fifthandcleveland092503.pdf [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... soiL EPA also recommended good gardening and food preparation practices to lower risk and attached ... Health Florida DOH Designated Reviewer Randy Merchant Program Admini strator Florida Department of Health Bureau ...
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fifthandcleveland111203.pdf [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... does not contain ash contamination (3 ) . The City of Jacksonville' s application o f temporary soil provides a barrier to prevent exposure to thc incinerator ash ...
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Fuller HC 3.9.06 release [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... animals might be sources of food, clothing, or ... DEP initiated a routine sampling program with Polk CHD. ... identify wells that exceed the applicable standards. Homes that ...
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KM_C454e-20140924124903 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... air, water, soil, or food contamination , the many physical differences between ... environment and are rarely found years after application. These same consultants then collected three ...
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