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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county & community efforts.

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Scanned Document [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... more water, eat more food, and breathe more ... , Ph.D., Chief Program Evaluation, Records, ... specific and are not necessarily applicable to other sites. ...
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Scanned Document [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... Sharon Williams-Fleetwood, Ph.D., Chief Program Evaluation, Records, and Infonnation Services ... background. Doses did not exceed any applicable guideline. Prior to these studies, ...
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Sherwood Medical letter HC 8.27.08 release [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... of the Sherwood facility, DOH requested a more extensive private drinking water well sampling program to ensure the safety of the drinking water supply. DOH selected private drinking ...
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Sherwood Air LHC 8.11.09 release [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... Florida Department of Health Bureau of Environmental Public Health Medicine cc: Erik Spalvins, Program Manager EPA Region IV Chris Pelligrino, Program Manager FDEP References [ATSDR 2008 ...
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Siemens Stromberg Letter HC July 6, 2016 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
1,4-dioxane in drinking water
... water, soil, or food contamination, the many ... ); (DOH Water Program, unpublished data, ... it for a variety of applications, including as a ...
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escambiasandcastle030507.pdf [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... and because they often carry food into contaminated areas, ... . Please write to: Program Manager/Health Assessment ... Primer on Toxicology Principles and Applications. Lewis Publishers. ...
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Scanned Document [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... information about plans for a health education program and health evaluation 1 study. EPA ... are situation-specific and should not be considered applicable to any other situations. The Escambia ...
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Scanned Document [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... testing of all children residing at the site, and the initiation of an educational program on the effects of lead exposure for residents (2 ] . The Hillsborough ...
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Scanned Document [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... s were relocated in 1984. The former fertilizer area is now occupied by Coatings Application and Waterproofing Company. Chemical Systems, which is on the western part of ...
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Scanned Document [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... indeterminate public health hazard. EPA's monitoring program for the ARC site currently includes analyses ... All indicator contaminants have been below the applicable maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) since ...
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