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Florida Department of Health in Brevard County

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Emergency Preparedness Pet Plan

    labrador retriever puppy

If you must evacuate, you are encouraged to take your pets with you. Pets are not allowed in Public Shelters.  It is strongly recommended that prior arrangements be made to shelter your pets with a commercial kennel, family or friends out of the evacuation area.  Make sure all pets are vaccinated before hurricane season, as many shelters require proof of the following:

  • Dogs - rabies vaccine, distemper/Parvo group, Bordetella, and Corona.
  • Cats - rabies vaccine, feline leukemia, Rhinotracheitis/Calici virus and Panleukopenia.

Also, make sure pets wear a collar, with rabies tag and I.D. tag included.  Have a properly sized pet carrier (for each pet) that allows space to stand and turn around.  You will also need a leash, water and food bowls, medication, at least 3 days supply of food, and pet toys (all of which should be labeled with your pet's name). 

Click for information about Brevard County Animal Shelters .


Call the Agricultural Extension Center at 633-1702 for emergency preparedness suggestions.



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