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It's a New Day in Public Health.

The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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Boards, Councils and Committees

Contact the Office of Executive Appointments

The Florida Department of Health manages, and has representation on various boards, councils and committees as required by state or federal law. The Department supports the Governor in meeting his obligation to appoint qualified, representative and appropriate members to the important leadership roles within the Department's boards, councils and committees.

Please note that some boards, councils, or committees have very specific licensing requirements and other conditions of membership. Appointments vary by board, council or committee and may be made by the Governor, Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, State Surgeon General and other state agencies and organizations as specified by state or federal law.

For additional information regarding boards, councils and committees managed by the Florida Department of Health, please contact the Office of Executive Appointments

  • Regulatory Boards and Councils Supported by the Division of Medical Quality Assurance
  • Advisory Boards, Councils and Committees Managed by the Department of Health
  • External Boards, Councils and Committees with Department of Health Representation

Advisory Council on Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

§ 381.78, F.S.

Advisory Council on Radiation Protection

§ 468.314, F.S.

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Grant Advisory Board

§ 381.82,F.S.

Biomedical Research Advisory Council

§ 215.5602, F.S.


Cancer Center of Excellence Joint Committee

§ 381.925, F.S.

Children's Medical Services Cardiac Technical Advisory Panel

§ 391.223, F.S.

Children's Medical Services Managed Plan Technical Advisory Panel§ 391.223, F.S.

Diabetes Advisory Council

§ 385.203, F.S.

Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council

§ 401.245, F.S.

Emergency Medical Services for Children Advisory Committee

§ 401.245(5), F.S.

Environmental Health Professionals Advisory Board

§ 381.0101, F.S.

Florida Coordinating Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

§ 413.271, F.S.

Florida Genetics and Newborn Screening Advisory Council

§ 383.14, F.S.

Florida Interagency Coordinating Council for Infants and Toddlers (FICCIT)

Title 20 U.S.C. § 1441

Florida KidCare Coordinating Council

§409.818(2)(b), F.S.

Florida Physician Workforce Advisory Council

§ 381.4018, F.S.

Florida Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant Advisory Council

Title 42 U.S.C, § 300w-4

Information Clearinghouse on Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council

§ 383.141, F.S.

Institutional Review Board

§ 381.86, F.S.

(Onsite Sewage) Research Review and Advisory Committee

§ 381.0065(4) (o), F.S.

(Onsite Sewage) Technical Review and Advisory Panel

§ 381.0068, F.S.

(Onsite Sewage) Variance Review and Advisory Committee

§ 381.0065(4) (h), F.S.

Public Health Integrity Committee


Public Pool and Bathing Place Advisory Review Board

§ 514.028, F.S.

Rare Disease Advisory Council 

§ 381.99, F.S.

Special Needs Interagency Committee (IAC)

§ 381.0303 (5), F.S.

State Child Abuse Death Review Committee

§ 383.402, F.S.

Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council

§ 397.333, F.S.

Tobacco Education and Use Prevention Advisory Council

§ 381.84(4), F.S.

Brownfield Areas Loan Guarantee Council

§ 376.86, F.S.

Board of Funeral, Cemetary, and Consumer Services

§497.101 F.S. 

Children and Youth Cabinet

§ 402.56, F.S.

Child Abuse Prevention and Permanency Advisory Council

§ 39.001, F.S.

Commission on Healthcare and Hospital Funding

EO #2015-99

Council on Homelessness

§ 420.622, F.S.

Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys

§ 16.615, F.S.

Domestic Security Oversight Council

§ 943.0313, F.S.

Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend Region

§ 1002.83, F.S.

Florida Cancer Control and Research Advisory Council

§ 1004.435, F.S.

Florida Coordinating Council on Mosquito Control

§ 388.46, F.S.

Florida Food Safety and Food Defense Advisory Council

§ 500.033, F.S.

Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, Board of Directors §624.91 F.S.
Florida Public Health Institute, Board of Directors§381.98 F.S.
Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council§ 373.026, F.S.

Governors Panel on Excellence in Long-Term Care

§ 400.235, F.S.

James Patrick Memorial Work Incentive Personal Assistant Services Oversight Group

§ 413.402, F.S.

Medical Examiners Commission

§ 406.02, F.S.

Protect Florida Springs License Plate Granting Advisory Committee

§ 320.08058, F.S.

Southeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Commission

§ 404.30, F.S.

State Consumer Health Informaiton and Policy Advisory Council

§ 408.05, F.S.

Statewide Council on Human Trafficking

§ 16.617, F.S.

Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council

§ 14.20195, F.S.

Telehealth Advisory Council


The Fire and Emergency Incident Information System Technical Advisory Panel

§ 633.136, F.S.