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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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Advisory Council on Radiation Protection

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What is the Advisory Council on Radiation Protection  

The Advisory Council on Radiation Protection consists of 16 positions, filled by persons nominated by various Florida societies and associations, and appointed by the State Surgeon General (SSG) to 3-year, staggered terms. The council meets at least twice a year, but no more than four times, unless authorized by the SSG. Members do not receive compensation for their services, however, they are reimbursed for necessary travel expenses, pursuant to s. 112.061, Florida Statutes.

The council makes recommendations to the Department on a variety of different areas and issues including:

  1. Minimum qualifications of, and examination procedures for, applicants for certification as radiologic technologists and radiologist assistants.
  2. A code of ethics for the practice of the radiologic technology professions.
  3. The improvement of continuing education courses.
  4. Matters relating to the practice of radiologic technology and the performance of the duties of a radiologist assistant.
  5. Matters relating to radiation protection.
  6. After studying the utilization of medical imaging and related radiation technology & procedures, the personnel appropriate to conduct such procedures, and their minimum qualifications.


Certified Radiologic Technologist — Radiographer
Rebecca Coffey McFadden, RT (R)
Term: 11/10/2021 to 11/10/2024

Certified Radiologic Technologist — Nuclear Medicine
Chantel Corbett, AS, CNMT, RT (N), RSO
Term: 11/10/2021 to 11/10/2024

Certified Radiologic Technologist — Therapy
Kathleen Drotar, Ph.D., M.Ed., RT. (R)(N)(T)
Term: 11/10/2021 to 11/10/2024

Basic X-Ray Machine Operator or a Licensed Practitioner who Employs Such An Operator

Board-Certified Radiologist
Randy Schenkman, M.D.
Term: 11/10/2021 to 11/10/2024

Board-Certified Nuclear Medicine Physician
Nicholas Plaxton, M.D.
Term: 5/12/2021 to 5/12/2024

Certified Health Physicist
Adam Weaver, MS, CHP
Term: 6/7/2023 to 6/7/2026

Certified Radiologist Assistant

Representative from the Administration of a Hospital Affiliated with a Radiologic Technology Educational Program
Albert Tineo, MS, CNMT
Term: 11/10/2021 to 11/10/2024

Expert in Environmental Radiation Matters
Joseph Danek, CHP
Term: 6/7/2023 to 6/7/2026

Chiropractic Radiologist
William (Bill) Atherton, DC, DACBR, CCSP
Term: 11/10/2021 to 11/10/2024

Board-Certified Podiatric Physician
Luis A. Rodriguez Anaya, DPM
Term: 6/7/2023 to 6/7/2026

Board-Certified Radiological Physicist
Mark Seddon, M.P., DABR, DABMP
Term:  6/7/2023 to 6/7/2026

Board-Certified Therapeutic Radiologist or Board-Certified Radiation Oncologist
Jennifer L. Peterson, M.D.
Term: 3/2/2022 to 3/2/2025

Two Persons, Neither of Whom Has Ever Been Certified Pursuant to Chapter 468, Part IV, FS  or Been a Member of Any Closely Related Profession
Armand Cognetta, M.D.
Term: 5/12/2021 to 5/12/2024


Meetings of the Advisory Council on Radiation Protection 

Next Meeting Date:  May 9, 2024

Meeting Time: Beginning at 10 am EST.

Meeting Place: 5329 Avion Park Drive, Tampa, FL

Agenda: May Meeting Agenda



Previous Meetings


Would You Like to Serve on the Advisory Council? 

The Bureau of Radiation Control posts vacant positions for the Advisory Council on this website as they occur.  Interested appointment candidates can complete the DOH application (see below).  Those that meet all statutory and bureau requirements are submitted to the Office of Performance and Quality Improvement for further review.  Recommendations are made to the State Surgeon General for review and possible approval.  If you would like to apply to serve on the Advisory Council on Radiation Protection, please use the new online Florida Department of Health, Appointment Questionnaire.

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