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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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Radon and Indoor Air Program

Did we contact you about your radon testing requirements? If we did, please carefully read what we sent you before calling our office.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

Why am I being notified about this radon testing requirement?

  • We have found that many facilities are not aware of radon testing laws. We want to educate and allow your facility a chance to come into compliance.

How do I find out if my facility complies with the law?

  • Verify through our database below item 2 below.
    1. Search by county, city and facility type then look through the search results for your facility. Facilities are listed alphabetically by the name we were provided.
    2. If you see at least two radon testing results, 5 years apart, you have completed your testing unless there have been structural changes to the building such as a new roof or new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system or dividing or combining rooms since the initial test.


Online Database by Caspio
Facilities Tested for Radon(schools, daycares, etc).

What do I do if I cannot find any test results?

  • If you don’t see any test results, that means you need to do initial testing according to the testing protocols (20% of the habitable first floor spaces) as soon as possible, then conduct follow-up testing after 5 years (5% of the habitable first floor spaces).

What if I purchased a facility that previously completed the radon testing requirement?

  • If you purchased a facility that had previously completed radon testing, you will still need to complete initial and 5-year follow-up testing, a change in license triggers a new set of testing.

Where do I get a radon test kit?

Where can I find a professional to hire to do radon testing?

Can I use one of your free test kits to meet the testing requirements?

  • No, our free test kits cannot be used for mandatory testing of facilities. This service is available for testing Florida residential buildings.

My facility information has changed or is incorrect, how can I get that fixed?

Residential Data
Search residential elevated radon level occurrence in Florida by ZIP code.

Facility Data
Use the form below to search radon data submitted to the Department for public and private schools for grades K-12, state-licensed day care centers, state-licensed, state-regulated, state-owned or state-operated 24-hour care facilities. Electronic data in this system is from reports submitted since approximately 1995. For the latest information on a specific facility, contact the Radon Program at 800-543-8279.