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Continuing Education

Electrolysis Council

The information provided on this page is an overview only. Licensees are encouraged to become familiar with the profession’s continuing education rules under Chapter 64B8-52, Florida Administrative Code, to ensure they meet the Council’s specific requirements for renewal.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When completing your 20 Continuing Education credits needed for renewal, please be aware that you can only obtain 10 'Anytime or Home Study' credits per biennium. The remaining hours must be completed as 'Live' credits. Any 'Anytime or Home Study' credit hours obtained past the 10 will not apply to your license and cannot be used.

Live Credits: Rule 64B8-52.002, F.A.C., Definitions - “Remote or distance learning courses” are those courses which are offered live through electronic communication and are delivered in a manner that monitors attendance, minimizes distractions, and allows for synchronous communication between the instructor and the attendee.

HELPFUL TOOL: If you need help finding approved CE Courses, you can do the following:

  • Go to
  • Click on 'Find CE/CME' at the top of the page
  • Make sure the search is as "I am a FLORIDA ELECTROLOGIST looking for _____" (Input whichever credits you are looking for)
  • To filter 'Anytime or Home Study' hours and 'Live' hours, select FILTERS and under COURSE TYPE you would select the following:
  • 'SELF PACED' for Anytime or Home Study hours, or 'LIVE' for Live hour

Continuing Education (CE) Requirements
20 Hours Total are Required for Electrologists

To locate board approved CE Courses for Electrologist, please click here.

Required Subject AreaRequired Number of HoursImportant Information
General Hours17
Medical Error2Must be Board approved.  Courses are listed in CEBroker
Blood-Borne Diseases1Courses approved by any Board within the Division of Medical Quality Assurance of the Department of Health

CE Requirements for First Time Renewal
  • Electrologists renewing a license for the first time who were initially licensed in the "first half" of the current biennium (6/1/2022 - 5/31/2023) are required to meet the following requirements:
Required Subject AreaRequired Number of Hours
General Hours16
Medical Error2
Blood-Borne Diseases1
Disease HIV/AIDS1
  • Electrologists renewing a license for the first time who are licensed in the "second half" of the current biennium (as of 6/1/2023 with expiration date of 5/31/2024) are exempt from the 20 hour continuing education requirement with the exception of the two (2) hour medical errors course, one (1) hour blood borne disease course and one (1) hour HIV/AIDS course
Required Subject AreaRequired Number of Hours
Medical Error2
Blood-Borne Diseases1
Disease HIV/AIDS1

CE Reporting Information

Board Rule Approved Providers
  • General hours can be completed from one of the following organizations: Electrolysis Society of Florida (ESF)
    Electrolysis Association of Florida (EAF)
    American Electrology Association
    Society of Clinical and Medical Hair Removal

Other Methods of Obtaining Continuing Education per Biennium
  • Electrologists may visit to use the "Course Search" function to search for courses approved for the profession.
  • Up to 2 hours of general continuing education can be earned by attending a Board of Medicine meeting which another licensee is being disciplined
  • Up to 2 hours for serving as a volunteer expert witness in a disciplinary case
  • Up to 6 hours per biennium for presenting as a lecturer or author

Helpful Information
  • Up to 10 hours per biennium of continuing education required may be in the form of approved home study courses

The Department of Health will now verify a practitioners continuing education records in the electronic tracking system at the time of license renewal. Please visit for more information. For information on continuing education requirements please review Rule 64B8-52,F.A.C.