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DMS Communications

Florida Department of Health

EMS Communications Plan, Volume I and Volume II 

The Department of Management Services (DMS) provides communications planning and approval processes to ensure reliable statewide and regional communications systems for use between emergency medical services systems (EMS) and hospital emergency departments (sections 401.015 and 395.1031, Florida Statutes).

Volume I establishes the minimum equipment, system and submittal requirements in order for DMS to approve the establishment or expansion of EMS radio communications. Visit the link below each time you plan to establish or expand your EMS radio communications capabilities to ensure compliance with Volume I.

Volume I, Seventh Edition

Volume II is intended for use in permitted EMS vehicles (including aeromedical) as a reference for radio channels and trunked radio talkgroups. Visit the link below often (at least annually) to ensure you have the latest copy of Volume II.

Volume II, 2023

For additional information related to Florida EMS Communications Plan radio communications, visit the DMS Website.


FirstNet information can be found at: 


For additional information, contact:

DMS Communications, 850-922-7426     

DMS Communications FAQ's 

  1. Is there an application and fee for the Department of Management Services (DMS) communications approval process?

    No, there is not an application nor a fee. Refer to the section 2.11 of Volume 1 of the EMS Communication Plan for submittal requirements to DMS (see FAQ #4).
  2. How long is the communications approval process?

    The process is generally 30 days; however, it is dependent upon the applicant’s submission of all required information.
  3. Will I receive a certificate/letter of approval?

    Yes, you will receive a letter of approval and an email will be forwarded to EMS Licensing Section.
  4. Do I receive approval for communications before applying for licensure with the Department of Health?

    Communications approval per Volume 1 of the EMS Communications Plan (see FAQ #4) can be requested from the DMS prior to or concurrent with applying for licensure with the Department of Health. This will better ensure compliance with EMS communications as you become licensed.
  5. Where do I send the license application/permit application/check?

    Send your permit license application/permit application/check to Florida Department of Health, EMS Licensing Section, 4052 Bald Cypress Way Bin A-22, Tallahassee, FL 32399 Attention: Kimberly Moore. If DMS receives a permit application/check, it will extend receipt by Florida Department of Health, EMS Licensing Section.