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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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MQA RT Certification Office

Customer Contact CenterCouncil OfficeMailing Address

    Department of Health | Radiologic Technology Certification

    4052 Bald Cypress Way 

    Bin C-85 

    Tallahassee, FL 32399-3285

For Applications and Fees (Regular Mail)
  • P.O. Box 6330 

    Tallahassee, FL 32314-6330

  • 1. Where can I find the current status of a licensee?
  • 2. Who needs to be certified by this department to work with x-rays in Florida?
  • 3. What are the requirements for licensure?
  • 4. Can those convicted of a felony apply for licensure?
  • 5. Is there a list of approved educational training programs for General Radiographers, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, and Radiation Therapists?
  • 6. Does military training qualify someone for Florida licensure?
  • 7. How can I see if my application is complete?
  • 8. How does the examination process work? When and where is the exam given?
  • 9. How soon after I take and pass my exam can I expect to see my active license on your online search page?
  • 10. Why are the renewal periods on some licenses less than two years?
  • 11. What are the requirements for renewing my active license before it expires?
  • 12. Where can a technologist obtain approved continuing education hours?
  • 13. I took a CE course from a non-Florida approved provider. Can I send a copy of the course for credit?
  • 14. Do college courses count for CE credit?
  • 15. I passed a post-primary exam with the ARRT or NMTCB. Can I receive CE credit for passing this examination?
  • 16. How do I order the Basic X-ray study guide?
  • 17. How do I request a duplicate license?
  • 18. I don't understand the requirements for reactivating my expired or inactive certificate. Could you explain?
  • 19. What can I do if I think the person who took my x-ray does not have a license?
  • 20. How can I change my name or address in your system?
  • 21. Where do I send my continuing education certificates?
  • 22. Why am I unable to renew my license online?
  • 23. Is there a charge for the certification of licensure to other states?
  • 24. Where can I find a list of my CE's on file thus far for my current biennium?
  • 25. How do I place my license on inactive status?
  • 26. How many times may I take the exam?
  • 27. Will I have to resubmit all of my documents if I need to reapply?
  • 28. How do I apply for a temporary license?
  • 29. Where can I find information about licensure as a Certified Podiatric X-ray Assistant.
  • 30. I have a specific question and cannot locate the answer
  • 31. WHY is an MR certificate no longer being issued?
  • 32. Is MR certification required to operate MRI equipment under Florida law?
  • 33. For technologists who hold MR certification in combination with another category* of active radiologic technologist certification, will the department issue a new license without the MR certification?
  • 34. Will the department continue to accept approved MR continuing education (CE) courses for renewal of technologist certification?
  • 35. How can I check the status of my application?
You can find a licensee's current status, expiration date, category, and other information by visiting MQA License Verification.

Per Section 468.302, F.S., an individual must be a licensed practitioner or a certificate holder to administer x-ray or other types of ionizing radiation to humans in the State of Florida. According to s. 468.301, F.S., "Licensed practitioner" means a person who is licensed or otherwise authorized by law to practice medicine, podiatric medicine, chiropody, osteopathic medicine, naturopathy, or chiropractic medicine in this state. Categories of certification include Basic X-ray Machine Operator, Basic X-ray Machine Operator-Podiatric Medicine, General Radiographer, Mammography Technician, CT Technician, PET Technician, Radiologist Assistant,  Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Therapy certification .   Please note that Ultrasound and MRI are not certified in Florida; however, some facilities may require additional licensing through a national registry.

The State of Florida supports two avenues of certification for Radiologic Technology professionals; certification through examination or endorsement.

Per s. 468.304, F.S., applicants desiring certification through examination must submit a completed application for Certified Radiologic Technologist or Basic X-Ray Machine Operator along with the required fee; be at least 18 years of age at the time of application; be of good moral character; and General Radiographers, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, and Radiation Therapists must have successfully completed a two year accredited Radiologic Technology Program.

Completion of an educational program is not currently required for Basic X-ray Machine Operators; however, an examination study guide is available.

Once the applicant has fulfilled the application requirements for certification through examination, they will be placed in an awaiting examination status. The test administrator will contact the exam candidate and forward instructions for examination scheduling.

Per s. 468.3065, F.S., certification by endorsement may be issued to an applicant that submits a completed application, remits the appropriate fee, and can demonstrate that they hold a current certificate, license, or registration to practice Radiologic Technology in another jurisdiction. However, the requirements of all such certificates, licenses or registrations to practice Radiologic Technology must be substantially equivalent in the department's opinion to those established by Florida Statutes. Applicants holding current ARRT or NMTCB licensure are considered substantially equivalent.

Applicants must submit complete documentation of past criminal convictions or professional disciplinary actions, and must not have committed a crime listed in s. 435.03 F.S., or similar statute in another state.

Yes, Convicted felons may apply, but they must complete a background history form and submit all requested documentation for review.
Yes, a list of approved programs can be found on the ARRT web site at:
Yes, an applicant who has had military training may apply, and must submit a letter stating that the applicant is ARRT eligible.
You can now check the status of your application by logging into MQA Online Services.

If you have been approved to sit the Radiologic Technologist exam, you should have registered for the ARRT examination at You have a 90 day window from your approval date to take exam.

Basic X-Ray Machine Operator applicants and approved foreign trained applicants will need to register only on the site and pay $125 for the exam; General Radiographers, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy will need to register only on the site and pay $140 for the exam using one of the following methods: First time users will be required to click on the REGISTER button on the right hand side of the home page. Candidates will then be required to enter their date of birth, social security number and zip code and create a Personal Profile. Prompts will assist the candidate.

Payment via USPS: Candidates may pay by cashier's check or money order personal or business checks are not accepted. Candidates must submit their payment with a copy of their eligibility letter received from the FL certification office to Attn: FL State RHC, ARRT, 1255 Northland Dr, St. Paul, MN 55120.

If you fail to schedule your examination during the required time frame, or you fail to take your scheduled examination for any reason which includes being denied admission, you will be required to reapply and pay all required fees.

Scores will no longer be mailed. You may obtain your scores 7 - 14 days after your examination from our online scoring system. You will need your birth date and the last 4 digits of your social security number. If you need further assistance, contact the EMT/PMD/Rad Tech and Medical Physicist Certification Office.

It takes about 2 weeks from the date you take the exam for the successful result to be processed and updated in our system. It may take longer if the exam contractor or test centers are closed due to state or federal holidays. Once the result is in the system it will take an additional couple of days for your license to be printed and mailed out. However, you can work as soon as the online system indicates your license is active.
Because we must synchronize technologists' expiration dates with their birth months, the renewal period for initial licenses is less than two years. Florida statutes require that a license must have a renewal period of at least 12 months, but no longer than 24 months. The expiration date of an initial license spans from the date of issuance, through one full year, and ends on the last day of your next birth month. The renewal period for every subsequent renewal will be a full two years, expiring at the end of your birth month.

The department will mail certificate renewal notification with instructions to your primary address of record approximately 90 days prior to your license's expiration date.

To renew, go to and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Renew A License
  2. If you have not created an account in the new system, select NO and follow the instructions provided.
  3. If you have already created an account in the new system, select YES, enter your user ID and password then click SIGN IN.
    • If you have an account but have not added your license to your account, you must select ADD MY LICENSE OR PREVIOUS APPLICATION. You will then be prompted to add your license to your account dashboard before you can renew.
  4. Under RENEW MY LICENSE select the license you wish to renew to submit your renewal application and payment.

All continuing education used to renew a certificate must have been earned in the current renewal cycle and the same course cannot be repeated in the same cycle. If you do not have enough CE for this renewal you may upload additional CE during the online renewal process.

Remember, all renewals must be completed by your license expiration date to avoid a late fee.

Questions? Contact the MQA Customer Contact Center at (850) 488-0595

The listing of approved CE providers is available on our website at

Courses taken from providers not approved by Florida, ASRT, NMTCB, etc. should be submitted to our office as soon as you complete the course. Send to:

Department of Health
Licensure Support Services
Bin # C - 10
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3285

This is a change of procedure. Please make sure the certificate has your name and certificate number on it so we can properly assign credit, if applicable.

College courses may or may not count toward CE credit. If the college course is technically related to your field and was taken within your current renewal period, then it may be submitted for review. Please submit course information as soon as possible after completion to:

Department of Health
Licensure Support Services
Bin # C - 10
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3285

A certificate holder may be awarded twelve contact hours of continuing education for successfully passing a post-primary examination of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), or of the Nuclear Medicine Technologist Certification Board (NMTCB), during the certificate holder's current renewal cycle. Credit can only be awarded for passage of post-primary exams i.e., CT, PET, Mammography, etc. and not for primary examinations i.e., Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, etc.

To receive credit, the certificate holder must submit to the department proof of passing the post-primary examination, such as a letter from the registry or board which bears the certificate holder's name, the date the examination was taken, and the score. Credit will not be awarded for passing an examination during a previous renewal cycle.

Send to:
Department of Health
Licensure Support Services
Bin # C - 10
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3285
Information about obtaining the study guide materials is available here:
A duplicate may be acquired by logging into online services with your user id and password. Select "Request Duplicate License" under "Manage My License." There is a $10.00 fee associated with this request.
A certificate that has been expired or inactive can be reactivated for up to 10 years after going inactive or expired. To reactivate a certificate, you need to contact us and request a reactivation form and reactivation instructions. Reactivation is very similar to renewal and requires submission of the form, correct fees, and proof of completing the required number of continuing education hours from an approved provider. The number of hours required varies with the length of time the certificate has been inactive or expired - typically 3 hours for every six months the certificate has been inactive or expired. All continuing education hours used to reactivate a certificate must have been earned in the 24 months prior to reactivation. Certificates which expired without being renewed are subject to a late fee, in addition to the normal renewal fee. Certificates which have been inactive for at least a year are only subject to the normal renewal fee. Certificates which have been inactive for less than one year are subject to the late fee. Department staff will list the correct number of hours and fees when they print your form.

How to File A Complaint - Please access the Florida Health Care Complaint Portal or call 1-888 419-3456 or 850-245-4339.  

To file a complaint on a non-medical related business or profession, please visit the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

You may change your address by logging into online services with your user id and password. Select "Request Address Change" under "Manage my License."
You may fax your certificates to 850-245-4791, email them to,
upload them with your renewal application at or mail them to:
Department of Health
Licensure Support Services
Bin # C - 10
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3285

If, after logging in to, you are unable to renew your license, the problem may be one or more of the following:

  • Your license is not currently active
  • You answered yes to the conviction question, either accidentally or intentionally.
If you find yourself unable to renew online contact the board office. We will be happy to assist you.
No fee is required.
You may view all of your CE's received by this office for your current biennium on our website, Simply click on the "Verify A License" box, click the "License Verification" box, choose "Radiologic Technology" as your profession, sign in with your license number (ex: BMO12345 or CRT12345) and click Search. Please note that non-Florida approved courses are unable to be entered into the system. If we find these courses acceptable for credit, we may enter a summary course under your CE listing to show your completed hours and allow for online renewal.

During your renewal period, you may place your license on inactive status by checking "Yes" in answer to question #3 on your renewal form and mailing it with a $40.00 check or money order made payable to "Department of Health" to:

EMT/Paramedic/Radiologic Tech Certification Office
PO BOX 6330
Tallahassee FL 32314-6330

You may then leave your license in inactive status for up to ten years, and may reactivate it at any time by submitting a completed renewal form, $55.00, and 12 hours of continuing education if renewing within 2 years. If a certificate has been inactive for more than 2 years, you will need 12 continuing education hours plus 3 continuing education hours accrued for each 6 months the certificate has been inactive. If left inactive for over 10 years the certificate becomes Null & Void and you have to reapply as a new applicant.

You may take the exam up to five times before you are required to take a refresher course. If, after failing the exam five times, you wish to test again, please contact our office for more information.
No. You need not resubmit all of your information diplomas, National Registry certificates, etc. when reapplying. You will, however, need to completely fill out another application.
Temporary licenses can only be issued during the period between a student's graduation date from radiology school and their testing date. If you wish to apply for a temporary license, you may do so before your graduation date. Submit an application for licensure by examination with all required paperwork. Your application will be held in pending status until we receive confirmation of your graduation, at which time we will issue your temporary license. Upon passage of the state exam, your temporary license will be upgraded to a permanent license. If you fail the exam or let your exam window lapse without testing, however, your temporary license will immediately become null and void. Temporary licenses cannot be reissued. Many students, however, find it more convenient and less expensive to simply take the exam through the ARRT and submit an application for licensure by endorsement upon receiving their ARRT wallet card and certificate.
Please visit the Florida Board of Podiatric Medicine website at:

Please contact our office at

A DOH information letter is being mailed, or has been mailed, to all MR certificate holders (see attached). Following a review of Chapter 468, Part IV, Florida Statutes, which relates to radiological personnel certification, the Department of Health has determined that the chapter only applies to persons who use ionizing radiation on humans. Therefore, the chapter does not require operators of magnetic resonance imaging equipment to be certified or licensed in Florida. Consequently, the Department will no longer issue or renew certificates for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CRT-MR). If a person was issued a CRT-MR certificate in combination with another category* of radiologic technologist certification, the Department will continue to renew the other category of certification as per the requirements of the above statute.
No. Chapter 468, Part IV, FS, does not require MR certification to operate MR equipment.
Yes, the department will issue a new certificate to replace the old one, without any additional charge. The new certificate will show only the other category*, not MR. If a new license is not issued, the MR certification will still not be printed on the certificate at the technologist's next renewal.
Yes. Radiologic technologists who hold certification in other categories* can continue to use approved CE courses in a variety of subject areas, including MR, to renew their certification.

You may check the status of your application in real time via our Online Services. You will need your User ID and password in order to log in. If you lose your User ID and password, you can log in alternatively using the 'Get Login Help?' link located below the login fields.


You may check the status of your application by calling the division's call center at (850) 488-0595. We are open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. We're closed on weekends and state holidays. You may email us at