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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Centers (RPICC) Program

Contact: Florida Health

Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Centers (RPICC) Program 

The Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Centers (RPICC) work to improve the outcome of pregnancy and the quality of life from birth. These centers provide obstetrical services to women who have a high-risk pregnancy and care for newborns with special health needs, such as critical illness or low birth weight.
  • CMS Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Centers aim to:
  • RPICC services include:
  • Reduce the risk of serious illnesses for pregnant women and newborns; and
  • Provide the best medical care to women with high-risk pregnancies and newborns who are sick or born too early. 
  • Special care by a medical team of nurses, a doctor specializing in high-risk obstetrical care, a genetic counselor, and an ultrasound technician; and
  • Nutritional education and assessment during pregnancy. 

If your obstetrician has questions about your health during your pregnancy or the health of your baby you may be referred to the closest RPICC Hospital or OB Satellite Clinic for help. If you have diabetes, lupus, or other medical conditions, you may be asked to see the specialist while you are pregnant. You may also be asked to see the specialist if you have delivered a baby before which was born too early or went to the neonatal intensive care unit after the delivery.

The specialist will make recommendations on how to help both you and your baby be as healthy as possible at delivery.

  • Where are RPICC services offered?
  • Eligibility
  • Contact Information
  • RPICC Handbook

Services are provided around the state at 11 RPICC hospitals and 2 Obstetrical (OB) Satellite Clinics who can provide the highest level of care. The RPICC Centers are located in Pensacola, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, West Palm, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Ft. Myers.

OB Satellite locations for high risk obstetric care are available in Miramar, and Crestview.

Women who are currently pregnant with a high-risk pregnancy or are at risk for difficulties with a future pregnancy are eligible to be referred for RPICC evaluation. The referral into this program must come from the woman's primary care provider, a prenatal clinic, a county health department or any other state/federal assistance programs. Patients with private insurance who do not qualify for Medicaid can still be referred for high-risk care, however payment is subject to individual insurance limitations. 

To determine whether you are eligible for services through the RPICC program, please contact your primary care provider.